ProcrastiNation Pick’em Episode 3: GUESS WHO’S TAKING THE FALCONS AGAIN

Wooo kids, I am RED HOT after last week and I am FEELING myself. Not in a Divinyls way either.

Episode three of the ProcrastiNation Pick’em Show just in time for Thursday Night Football between the Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars; FitzMagic vs. Minshew Mania. We’re picking all 16 games yet again with the spreads.

Last week I was a CRISP 12-4, moving to 19-13 on the season. Scors went an impressive 10-6 to move to 19-13 as well.

Basically, listen to us and lets make some damn money. (In state’s where sports gaming is legal obviously. We would never condone illicit sports gaming. Shout out to all our potential casino partners should you need a podcast to sponsor we are very responsible).