Dodgers Clinch NL West: 8th In A Row

For the eighth straight year the Dodgers have been crowned NL West Champions. As a fan of a team, it’s all you can ask for year in and year out, a chance to be in the playoffs and win the World Series. Obviously, we have fallen short of that goal every single year we have captured the division title but as I have said to friends who have teams who don’t make the post-season with the efficiency the Dodgers have, getting the opportunity to watch October baseball with your squad is worth the heartbreak that might occur.

The beautiful thing about this team is that they have no signs of slowing down in the upcoming seasons. Betts, Bellinger, Seager, Muncy, Pederson, Lux, Smith, Buehler, Urias, Gonsolin, May, Graterol. Those are the young guys who still have another 10 years of prime left in them, that’s a scary thought for the rest of baseball. Regardless of what happens in the post-season, especially with this dumb new format where a best of three series will occur before the Division Series, I am thankful once again that I get to seer Dodgers playoff baseball.

If this was a normal post-season, I would bet a lot of shells that the Dodgers would be going back to the World Series. I will feel the same way if we can get through this best of three series to open up the post-season. The first round scares me, after that, if we do not make it to the World Series than this season will have been a big time failure. They are the most complete team they have been in this eight year run of dominance in the NL West and this team has the star power and depth to become World Series Champions.

I am half-way making a prediction here: If the Dodgers can get through this bullshit opening best of 3 round then yes, the Los Angeles Dodgers will be the 2020 World Series Champions. If not this year, then definitely next year, and if not in 2021 then for sure 2022 will be our year and so on and so forth. Actually, I do think with a full-season in 2021 with a normal format and David Price returning the Dodgers will win the 2021 World Series, that I am giving you a guarantee on. This year would just be a nice kick-start to the back to back/ dynasty to begin.

The Dodgers were able to capture the NL West title on the legendary Tommy Lasorda’s 93rd birthday. If that is not a sign that this year is something special then I don’t know what is. The legendary Dodgers manager won the World Series Championship in 81 and 88 and won the NL Pennant in 77,78,81 and 88.

Now, it is time to get ready for ultimate heartbreak and the Dodgers letting me down yet again. This is a bond that exists between me and my grandfather, the love for the Dodgers, I hope they can knock one down for the old man, he deserves it.

We will be live streaming every Dodger game so you guys can watch my heartbreak live.