NFL Week 2 Takeaways

I will tell you what man, there is nothing like the NFL season being back. For the first time since this pandemic has started, the ability to lay on our couches and watch ball has returned a much needed feeling of normalcy and happiness to my life. The first week of the season is always tough to see what is real and what is an illusion after week two we slowly start to wipe the condensation off the mirror and see what is actually happening, we begin to see who is for real, who is not and who we might have over and under hyped heading into this wild and unique NFL season.

I am going to break down what I think I know after a couple weeks in my own style, my own categories and I think it will get the point across on who to watch out for and who to lay some cash-ola on if you feel the need. These categories might change and some teams might elevate themselves or find themselves getting demoted, from week to week everything can change. There’s no more time to waste, so let’s get to it:

These Teams Need To Rebuild:

1. Detroit Lions – Potentially the weirdest team I have ever seen, they lead in every single game and then either lose in heart breaking fashion or get their doors blown off in the second half. This is in an ultra hot-seat alert for Matt Patricia, potentially the most overrated Head Coaching hire in the history of the NFL. A handful of teams wanted this guy and he is an absolute disaster at leading a football team. It’s unfortunate that Matthew Stafford is in too deep with this garbage franchise but the Lions are demoralized and after an 0-2 start you can kiss the post-season goodbye and this has 5-11 written all over it.

2. Atlanta Falcons – The team I love to bet the most in the NFL. I cannot quit this team, I am addicted to them, I love them, I am apart of them and they are the biggest joke in the NFL. They blew the lead yesterday against the Dallas Cowboys in one of the most comical fashions that I have ever seen in my lifetime. I really think the Patriots killed this franchise in the Super Bowl, Dan Quinn is another coach who has somehow not gotten fired and will be gone by mid-season at this rate.

3. New York Jets – Crazy eyes Adam Gase is an awful football coach and the Jets might be the worst looking team in the first couple weeks of the season. This is a franchise that has a permanent black cloud hanging over their heads and the enjoyable bright spot of this team is watching 56 year old Frank Gore stumble, bumble and rumble out of the backfield.

4. Philadelphia Eagles – Carson Wentz is officially not that good. This team had high expectations and I don’t think they are going to sniff the playoffs. The only thing that might save this team is that the NFC is potentially a steaming pile of hot garbage and a 7-9 squad could easily make the post season.

They Stink But They Are More Watchable Than Last Year:
1. New York Giants – A coaching staff makes a tremendous difference, the Giants are a more balanced and disciplined team than they have been in four years. I love the duo of Joe Judge and Jason Garrett and I think they will only get better. Unfortunately, there is not much talent on this team and they still have a wildly unproven and turnover prone Quarterback. The most dynamic player on this team, Saquon Barkley is now out for the year and that signals a long haul for the G-Men. Yes, they are more entertaining and watchable than recently but this is a 3-13 season at best, the schedule does not let up at all throughout the season.

2. Cincinnati Bengals – This team is not going to win a ton of games this year but I think you might be getting acquainted with the future of the NFL, that is Joe Burrow. Burrow is only going to get better and with a prime time performance that would make any QB envious on Thursday Night, the Bengals are on the right track to compete in the NFC North next season.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars – This team has battled and they are on the verge of not stinking because Gardner Minshew might be for real. Perhaps the Jaguars have eliminated some of the locker room distractions and are able to just play ball now. Doug Marrone’s job is on the line and I don’t think winning games in Jacksonville will save him but a 7-9 or 8-8 season with this roster will get Marrone a job somewhere else immediately.

Exciting and Surprising
1. Arizona Cardinals – The youngest QB/Coach duo in the league is one of the most exciting offenses in the league. This team is going to make the playoffs (HOT TAKE ALERT)! Kyler Murray can flat out ball and I think he is going to only get better.

2. Las Vegas Raiders – Coach Gruden has this team ready to roll, they got their second win of the season last night against the Saints and they are focused on winning the AFC West and battling the defending Super Bowl Champs.

Way Too Early Week 2 Playoff Predictions:
Ravens defeat Bills

Seahawks defeat Packers

Seahawks defeat Ravens