ProcrastiNation Pick’em Show Episode 2: These lines are HUGE!

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Hello, is it gambling you’re looking for?

Want to hear Scors and I gasbag over all 16 NFL games this weekend? Guess what? Now you can! We’ve broken the Pick’em Show off from the original Corner Booth so people can listen to our advice about who to pick with the spread each and every week of the NFL season. We’re tracking news and breaking down who we like and who we don’t and more importantly who STINKS.

Last week Scors went 9-7 and I went 7-9. We both are harboring grudges over picking the Falcons last week, and guess who we took this week? We just can’t quit that narcotic. Damn you Matt Ryan.

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Battle for Ohio between the Bengals and Browns is tonight if you’re sad and have fantasy players going! See you for our Pregame show on Instagram and YouTube and everywhere else I can get this stream to work! All our socials are on the right side of the page and you should follow all of them. Let’s be internet friends.

Now, let’s make some god damn money.