The Corner Booth Episode 33: NFL Pick’em Show


So, initially this was going to be two different episodes but I got caught up watching playoff hoop on Tuesday night so we recorded last night. You can also catch us tonight on the gram and on Youtube? Maybe even Facebook if I can hook everything up properly. We’ll be going live around 8 to talk Thursday Night Football.

If you tune in and it’s not there let me preempt this by saying: “Hand up, that’s on me.”

As for this week’s episode, we talk Lakers/Rockets, some New York Yankees stink, and Brooks Keopka backing out of the US Open.

Then we get into picking every single game with the spread on the board. Casinos and books are opening up across the country so lets make some money, shall we?

All that and more in the Corner Booth.

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Music is “Coalescence” provided by Punch Deck.