Anti-Dolan Patriot Charles Oakley to Appear on Dancing with the Stars

New York Knicks legend in exile and Anti-James Dolan Patriot, Charles Oakley has entered into an agreement to participate in the ABC smash hit Dancing With the Stars. For “Sell the Team” activists seeing one of their own spotlighted is a major step forward against New York Knicks owner, James Dolan.

In his playing career, Charles Oakley starred for the Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks, before becoming a journeyman with the most high profile stop being the enforcer in Toronto protecting high-flying cousins Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter. While he became friends with His Royal Airness, Michael Jordan in Chicago, Oakley became the heart and soul of Knicks teams headlined by Patrick Ewing, Larry Johnson, and John Starks. The 1990’s Knicks led by Pat Riley and Jeff Van Gundy were hard-nosed, rough and tumble defensively-oriented teams, and no one was more hard-nosed than the Oak Tree.

In his post-playing career, Oakley has been a vocal detractor of Knicks owner, James Dolan. Dolan is best known for being the most hated owner in a city that also house Fred and Jeff Wilpon. Since James Dolan became the Chairman of Madison Square Garden in 1999, the Knicks went to the NBA Finals in 1999 and then did not post a winning record again until 2012-2013. Along the way he’s bundled control of the franchise and given a small nation’s GDP to over the hill free agents, fired coaches, and Isiah Thomas. There’s a lot of Dolan’s tenure to mock and dislike, and Charles Oakley has never been one to mince words and spare feelings.

In 2017, Charles Oakley, James Dolan, and Madison Square Garden security had their infamous run-in. Oakley has since been banned from MSG. Reminder that Oak still has it and it took an entire fleet of dudes to take down Oak.

Now usually I leave the reality tv beat to Scors and Kristen, but when a former Knick is involved I’m going to cross over. I am fully ready to admit that I have seem cumulative zero seconds of Dancing with the Stars. However, I am calling on all fans of the New York Knicks to join me in watching this season to vote for the Anti-Dolan hero who stood up for all of us and stared down the owner and showed that we, as fans, don’t have to take mediocrity from a formerly premier basketball destination and franchise.


The 29th season of Dancing with the Stars begins on September 14, 2020. The first episode premiers at 8pm easter, 7pm central.