I Am All In On Joe Judge And The New York Football Giants

Training camp has started, god willing, we will have an NFL season despite the continuing global pandemic. The four-time Super Bowl Champion, New York Football Giants are getting ready to start their first season under Belichick and Saban disciple, Joe Judge. Look, I love the Giants, I have been a fan since exiting the womb, there have been moments of sweet joy and crushing despair. Since Tom Coughlin was prematurely shown the door, the Giants have had two incompetent head coaches and have been pouring gasoline onto the dumpster fire that was this proud franchise. Ben McAdoo and Pat Shurmer were two of the worst Head Coaches I have ever seen, when we hired them both, I kicked and screamed and knew we were in trouble.

Then, the Giants finally made the right decision, it was weeks into this blog’s history and I immediately said that Joe Judge was an unexpected but excellent hire, this was the man to lead the Giants back to the promised land. He is young, he means business, he takes no bullshit and as I mentioned earlier, he has studied and learned under the greatest NFL and greatest college football coach of all-time. That’s not a bad coaching tree to descend from.

The Giants have been making some changes early into the tenure of Coach Judge. First off, the Giants do not have names on the back of their jerseys, when asked as to why he was doing this, Coach Judge answered “We know who they are”. Well, that is the ultimate football guy move and I am here for it, it’s like Kurt Russell in Miracle, the name on the front, more important than the one on the back. Giants have been without discipline and structure for the last four seasons, it is time to return the Parcells and Coughlin way of doing things. Belichick was on those Parcells Giants staffs along with Coughlin and now we have a descendant, a man who is not dealing with bullshit, a man who is restoring order.

The Giants have been one of the most penalized teams in recent memory. Joe Judge says that if you commit a penalty or make a mistake on the field, we are going to throw it back to elementary school, to pop warner, time to run some laps. Yes, you heard me right, Judge is making players run laps. Denzel Washington making Petey run around the field in the scorching heat. When the rest of the world is getting soft, the New York Football Giants are running it back old-school.

Giants players have reported that there is zero coddling or false confidence around Giants camp, they say Judge and the staff are no nonsense and the language that is being tossed around would make any normal woman, man or child run for cover. The expletives are flying like Southwest planes into Orlando, early and often. Good! We need some old-school badass toughness back in the Meadowlands. The Giants have always been a hard-nosed organization, run the ball, play defense, have your QB not get you into trouble and any success this organization has had has descended from the Parcells coaching lineage, I have totally bought in on Joe Judge, I am so excited about the Giants and the future. The front-office needs to let Judge build this from the ground up, they need to give him time and rewrite the insane writings that have been left by our previous two Head Coaches.

We have a young QB, a young Head Coach, a young talented running back along with a talented and experienced staff. It is time for the Giants to make strides this year and get confidence and excitement back in this franchise and give the fans a good feeling on Sundays again!

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