Lakers and Bucks Upset In Game 1; Scors Is The Greatest NBA Handicapper Of All-Time

Oh man, I really hate being right all the time, I don’t get much joy out of walking into every gambling parlor in the country and instantly being the smartest man in the room, it gets old quick. I literally typed it all out for you multiple times, I said it on “The Corner Booth” (go listen to all of our podcasts in the blog, under the podcast tab or by searching “Procrastination Podcast Network” on Spotify and Apple Podcasts) the Lakers were so overrated it was laughable and the Blazers were the hottest team in basketball. I told you that the Blazers were the easiest bet of the night in game one and I am just a guy who has hit, clears throat, taps microphone, FOURTEEN of his last SIXTEEN NBA games. Hey nerds, that is an .875 winning percentage, there is nothing you do in your lives that you are 88% good at, so for you, I am sorry, that sucks. Luckily, I am a nice enough guy to share my talents with the world, like a modern day Jesus Christ. Did I just compare myself to Jesus? Yes, yes, I did, a gambler’s high knows no bounds.

Aside from Lebron and Anthony Davis, it is clear that the Lakers stink out loud right now, we brushed the struggles under the carpet once the restart happened and now the lights are on the curtain is pulled back and the Blazers are getting freaky in that ass, plain and simple. They looked faster, more focused and Damian Lillard is becoming or is now, one of the best players in the NBA. A quick 34-5-5 night from Lillard, Carmelo chipped with a double double and CJ dropped 21 and the Blazers battled back in the second half to win game one and put the pressure on the “Lake Show”. It pains me to say this because as you know, I can’t stand him but LeBron James is so good at basketball it makes my brain hurt. He is 35 years old and he just absolutely is mesmerizing on the court, after all these years, he is still must-see television. LeBron went for a casual 23-17-16 and AD had 28 and 11 while the rest of these bums jumped on their backs and ran them into the ground. The Lakers played ten players last night, including Dion Waiters who went in for ONE MINUTE, was so bad that Frank Vogel’s head nearly exploded and he brought him back to the bench. If you do not love Dion Waiters then you have a massive poopy diaper. The Lakers three other starters, McGee, Green and Caldwell-Pope combined for 17 points, I mean that is New York Knicks level of stink. The five players off of the bench only chipped in another 25 points. The Blazers starters combined for a whopping 87 points and aside from the second quarter, this was a Blazers dominated evening to give them the early lead in the first round.

The Orlando Magic, the sister team of the greatest place on earth, Walt Disney World just straight up crushed the best team in the NBA and the game was never close. This is far more a surprise than the Blazers upset but Nikola Vucevic and Markelle Fultz came ready to play and shutup the critics who have overlooked the Magic all year long. The Magic bench chipped in with 38 points while Giannis was on an island trying to propel the Bucks to the lead in this opening series.

I have predicted the Blazers will win this series, the Magic have a Herculean task but it’s playoff time baby! Nothing better!