Say Goodbye To The Boys Club

I founded ProcrastiNation Sports back in January with Mulraney. I took control of our content and I told Mulraney that he was going to be our Editor in Chief. We pushed along for a few months, cranking out sports content and then I had an epiphany. I said to myself, how do we take ProcrastiNation to the next level, how do we take our reach and expand it to an entirely new audience. The answer was to hire some of the most talented, funny and relatable women that I have ever met. They are the secret to what is making us grow every month and making people take notice with this blog and podcast network that is less than a year old.

Today is an important day for ProcrastiNation, as President, Founder and Chief of Content, I am thrilled to announce along with Vice President, Co-Founder and E.I.C. Mulraney that we have brought on Kristen (Head Kat Lady) to serve as our Manager of Sales and Marketing. People have been asking about merch and ads and more sponsors, well now we have someone who is going to take the reigns on this and work with me to give all of you dedicated readers and listeners exactly what you are clamoring for and will boost our brand.

Kristen: Manager of Sales and Marketing and Co-Host of Kat Ladies

Kristen is absolutely going to crush this role and serve as the third leg of our ProcrastiNation Leadership Tripod. Yes, I am the “Blogfather”, yes I am the leader, as Kristen so nicely referred to me yesterday but I rely on Mulraney so much and without him, this blog wouldn’t exist, the podcasts wouldn’t exist, without Mulraney we would be in the dark ages here at ProcrastiNation. We are bringing Kristen on so that we only get stronger and even better as an organization. I trust Kristen 100% and in the short time knowing her, I feel like we are both focused on the same things, in life and in business and we are now in each others corners for the long haul.

In addition to Kristen, we have brought on the new Robin Quivers of PODCASTING. Liz, has come on and taken the initiative to blog, to be my co-host on “You Don’t Say” and to challenge me, challenge my ego and challenge my thought process to ensure that our ship sails on smooth waters. She is outspoken and a phenomenal talent who adds so much to ProcrastiNation and the way we are going to handle this company moving forward.

The Co-Host of “You Don’t Say and blogger on all things for ProcrastiNation Sports. One name, three letters, complete badass. LIZ

When I brought Kristen on to do the podcast, she said that she had a co-host in mind and she introduced me to Kirsten. Well, Kirsten has added a flare and realism that ProcrastiNation needs, she is a strong female voice who speaks her mind and is open and honest with the listeners. Week one of Kat ladies was super successful and it is because Kirsten and Kristen compliment each other so well. She understands what is appealing and how people view our content and product, her voice is welcomed and her talent on and off mic makes her a phenomenal addition to this rocket ship that is destined for the moon.

If you want date or set Kirsten up on a date, leave a comment after the blog. Appreciate it.

We weren’t done hiring strong, impressive ladies to join Me, Shane, Mulraney and Mikey C. We brought on Lizzie to serve as a blogger and podcaster. She had some viral fame on Tik Tok before joining ProcrastiNation Sports but she is one of the funniest people I have ever met. She keeps things light and provides experiences that everyone can relate to but a lot of times are too nervous to talk about. She has joined Liz and I on “You Don’t Say” where she outlines our news stories, tells us jokes and keeps us smiling from the time the red record light goes on and doesn’t stop.

Lizze: Funnier than you and she knows it

So there you have it, the Boys Club is no more and ProcrastiNation sports is growing and making moves. The views are up, the listens are up and we are only just getting started. I want to personally thank all these talented, smart and beautiful woman for joining us on this crazy journey and believing in what I have created and jumping on board without hesitation to grow this. . . Another perk of working at ProcrastiNation is that you never have to worry about being the center of attention, not when your fearless leader, blogfather and smokeshow is releasing heat seeking missiles like this on Instagram (see below and take notes ladies) – The ProcrastiNation Princess might have this framed in our bedroom:

Yes, it is portrait size for a reason. You know and I know. HEAR, HEAR to the ProcrastiNation!!