Monday Night Madness: NBA Hoops Preview

Well, well, well. To the haters and losers, of which there are many, good to see you come crawling back. You all doubted Scors and what did I do to cap off last week, I went undefeated and put your snot nosed kid through college. You’re welcome America.

Well, the prodigal gambler has returned to grace your screen and give you a late night NBA sweep that will help finance whatever other degenerate habit you have aside from your sick, sick gambling addiction.

You have to remember something when making wagers on this precious moments, the lord hates a coward. So let’s do the damn thing and take a look at the late slate of NBA hoop-a-doops.

In the first of two evening games the Boston Celtics square off against the Philadelphia 76ers in game one of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals. Look, I am a die-hard Knicks fan but there is no man on planet Earth who has laid more shells down on the Boston Celtics than me. Take the Celtics and lay the 5.5

In the final game of the night the Dallas Mavericks square off against Kawhi, Doc, PG3 and the Los Angeles Clippers. Los Angeles is the best sports town in the country right now. The Dodgers are loaded, the Rams and Chargers are on hard knocks, and the two best teams in the Western Conference call the Staples Center home, take the Clippers and don’t look back, give the 6.