5 Reasons why Marion Ravenwood is my hero.

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Let me start by saying, If you were born on the planet Mars and have yet to experience Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark for yourself; STOP what you’re doing, and RUN to your nearest streaming app and do so immediately. My main point in writing this post is to prove that Indiana Jones is not just a staple to little boys growing up. Little girls around the world revel in the magic of adventure archology too!

As my Father’s firstborn, I was his very first buddy. All things he loved, I in turn loved. Magnum PI, Michael Jordan, Jimmy Buffet, SNL, old stand-up comedy tapes, Robert Frost, the list goes on and on. One of the most influential things he introduced me to was the Indiana Jones Films. I was first introduced to Ms. Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen), Indi’s powerful, smart, witty sidekick when I was old enough to be propped up in front of my family’s television set. She has since captivated me and no doubt shaped my view of how badass a woman can be, she completely embodies what it means to be a feminist and is in every way equal to her male counterparts.

  1. She has her own story, passions and journey.
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Lets not forget about The Raven, Marion’s bar she owned in Nepal.

Marion was raised by her Father, Professor Ravenwood who taught at the University of Chicago, a fellow archaeologist. She’s a well educated, brave, and well-traveled woman, (Talk about a lethal combination) I imagine that she was taught all that Indiana learned in school and then some by her father. In Marion’s opening scene, she is in Patan, Nepal running her own saloon, speaking Nepali, and hustling a bet out drinking the most brawny locals. She’s totally living her own adventure without the need of any man to save the day. With her booming commands, she completely empties her saloon with authority as soon as she’s had enough and nobody hesitates to question her. SO BADASS.

2. She’d be damned before she lets a man tell her what to do.

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When Dr. Jones makes his entrance, begging for her immediate attention to HIS quest, she scoffs and tells him to come back tomorrow after punching him square in the face. Making him well aware she’d be damned if she jumps when a man tells her too. After he leaves defeated, the nazi’s enter, she then lights a cigarette and blows the smoke right into the ring leaders face, making him well aware of her power. Never once revealing too much info, always keeping the upper hand.

3. She can knock down any male ego that stands in her way.

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Marion calls it like it is, plain and simple. Whether its a Nazi general or her partner Indiana, (who don’t forget BOTH sought out HER help first). She repeatedly knocks down Indiana’s massive ego, calling him a bum, saving his ass, and constantly reminding him that she’s just as smart, if not smarter than him. Marion is always 5 steps ahead of the men surrounding her, every move she makes is calculated. Knocking a man out with her sassy whit while picking apart his ego is one of her many talents, which is also one of my favorite past times.

4.) She’s Scrappy AF.

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Every fight she finds herself in, you best believe she holds her own. She doesn’t cling to her male counterpart like other female leads would in her time. She’s busy fighting her own battles, and doing a damn good job. Without her, Indiana Jones wouldn’t have made it out of Nepal, simple as that. She uses her charm and wit to back herself out of more than one hairy situation and rises to any occasion that may present itself LIKE A TOTAL BOSS. She doesn’t just sit and scream for help, she is busy calculating her next move.

5. She shows us that Woman crave adventure and other cultures, not just men.

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All in all, Marion’s character is an inspiration to all. Her character was a gift to little girls everywhere, we need to see women overcoming tussles because news flash, we are strong! We are smart and a little wit goes a hell of a long way. You can be strong, brave, and beautiful at the same time.

I understand and recognize how lucky I am to have a Dad who always encouraged me to pursue adventure, learn, challenged me to do my own research to better articulate my points and passions but most importantly to question everything, and know that I can do anything I put my mind too. Thank you, Dad, for never limiting me to the “girly stuff only box”, and thank you for introducing me to one of the greatest female characters of all time. Adventure and being brave enough to travel the world doesn’t have a gender, its for everyone.