The Big Ten is Likely to Cancel Their Season, College Football won’t be Far Behind

The first of the five dominos that will cancel the college football season has fallen. The Big Ten is expected to cancel their Fall sports seasons tomorrow morning, and yes, that includes football.

Tonight, commissioners of the Big Ten held a conference call with their counterparts across the other Power 5 conferences. The topic? A postponement of the college football season or its cancellation. You see, the NCAA, which somehow manages to find out if a kid traded an autograph for an extra pudding in the school cafeteria, is somehow not managing the COVID-19 response across college football. The schools and the conferences will be managing the response, which means each kingdom has its own set of rules. As we have seen across our own country, 50 states and 50 pandemic rules, has led to statewide outbreaks across the country. The issue with college football season is no different, too many cooks in the kitchen ruins the stew.

The slow death of the college football season has been inevitable since the first signs of trouble back when the Ivy League canceled their season. The Ivy League canceled their conference tournament the weekend before the NCAA Basketball Tournament earlier this year. Since then, the Patriot League and UCONN also canceled their college football seasons. Just last week, the Big Ten and the Big Ten Network announced their prospective Fall season.

DNF – Once in a century plague

I came up with about 30 viable questions both morally and logically about a potential college football season when this dropped last week. We cannot in good conscience put young people at risk when we do not know the long-term effects on the respiratory system this virus causes. College football and football in general make it impossible to use the bubble system that has proven so successful for the NHL, WNBA, and NBA.

With the assumed announcement by the Big Ten tomorrow morning, it is now inevitable that the other four conferences will cancel their seasons and put the final whispers of a college football season out of their misery. Saturday’s are going to be wide open for us this year, America. We can only hope Sunday’s don’t join them.