Wait A Second, Are The Miami Marlins A Good Baseball Team?

If you told me back in January that I would be writing a blog about the Miami Marlins, I would have laughed in your face. I guess if you also told me back in January that the baseball season would not start until January and a global pandemic would be the reason for that I wouldn’t believe you either. The baseball season is one-hundred percent in jeopardy of being cancelled as more St.Louis Cardinals players have tested positive for the coronavirus but if this season rolls on, we might be paying closer attention to this Miami ball club.

The Marlins had to take a hiatus from their season already because of a COVID breakout in their clubhouse. Since then, they have been hotter than a pistol and have won six straight games and sit a top of the NL East with a 7-1 record.

As much as it pains me to say this, could that dump bag Derek Jeter have actually known what he was doing by shipping every single strand of talent away to bring in prospects and draft picks? I mean it is going to be a tough sell when you get rid of Giancarlo “Mike” Stanton and Christian Yelich but perhaps Jeter’s rebrand and rebuild was actually the right move for this franchise who has built up and burned it down twice after winning World Championships in 97′ and 03′.

The most impressive move by Jeter and the Marlins is sticking with Manager Don Mattingly for the last five seasons while he was tasked with being in charge of this glorified Bad News Bears. Far too often, teams that suck dump their Managers or Head Coaches in hopes of getting a quick fix, I always disagree with that unless the culture is absolutely crumbling. As bad as the Marlins have been they have said that this was the plan and Mattingly seemed to buy into that strategy, perhaps the connection of Mattingly serving as a mentor to Jeter during their time with the Yankees in 95′ made this arrangement more easy to swallow. I am a big fan of Don Mattingly, always have been and I even liked him when he was the manager of my Dodgers, the back to back exits in the NLDS did him in in 14′ and 15′ but I think he got the poop end of the stick on some of that, the veterans on those team let the Dodgers down. I do think Mattingly thrives in these rebuild situations and being able to teach young players, he didn’t have that luxury with the Dodgers it was a different mindset and a different task. He captured his 282nd victory as Marlins Manager last night, he has done that through four and a half seasons, making him the winningest manager in the 27 year history of the Florida/Miami Marlins.

While this is still very early in the season the Marlins have come out a lot stronger than we could have ever expected and even though there is still theoretically a long way to go in this season depending on if we make it to the end. It is a wild time in the World and the marlins being a top the NL East and surging, gaining talk of potentially winning the division is a wild subtext to this wild MLB season.