Six Years With The ProcrastiNation Princess

As many of you affectionately refer to me, I am the “Blogfather” the “Podfather” but behind every somewhat functional man, there is a woman, a woman who is 50x better than that man, I am lucky enough to have that type of woman. She is the Diane to my Sam, the Beauty to my Beast, the Lucy to my Ricky and the Bonnie to my Clyde, I am referring to my beautiful wife, the Procrastination Princess. Yes, I have referenced her a few times on this blog and on our podcasts but today marks our sixth anniversary as a couple, she agreed to be my girlfriend on this day, six years ago, after a month of begging.

I am far from perfect, believe me, but what I lack in every other category I make up for it in the love and admiration I have for my wife. She is my heartbeat and the reason I try to get better everyday. In therapy we have been discussing my lack of emotional communication and I bottle everything up inside and as many people have pointed out to me my stubbornness and personifying the man who won’t let people see his emotions (I was recently told this by my Co-Host Liz) I continue to work on myself for my wife, the ProcrastiNation Princess. Liz and all the people that have told me, I am tough to communicate with because I play everything close to the vest and believe I know everything, they are probably right but I am working on myself, not for them, not even for me, but for the woman I lay in bed with every night, my wife, she deserves it.

I grew up listening to Howard Stern, the man is my hero, my idol and the thing he taught me the most is that you can have opinions, talk about anything – sex, death, religion, how attractive someone is but when it’s all said and done, your wife is the most important person in your life and you need to be true to her. Regardless of Stern’s on-air personality and demeanor and even the conversations he has with people, he loved his wife first and foremost and that always stuck with me.

I always tell her how much she means to me, whether it be with letters, notes or just straight up telling her but I figured I should write it here so all of you know how lovely, caring, beautiful and worth while this woman actually is. I am not sure if she actually likes when I talk about her here or on the show, she might be embarrassed but ask anyone and they will tell you, I always have a tough time keeping quiet when it comes to what she means to me.

She stood beside me through so much, she held my hand on my journey to sobriety and next month we will celebrate two years of marriage together and I am currently 29 months sober, she was the motivation and the reasoning behind my efforts, it was to see her smile.

So, on the day we celebrate six years together, I wanted to tell all my dedicated readers and listeners that the girl who agreed to be my girlfriend, then fiancee, then wife has made me the happiest man in the world. She has taught me to love, to grow and to try to get better each and everyday, it’s all for her and as I always tell her, all my love forever and always. Happy “Dateiversary” to the ProcrastiNation Princess.