First Domino Falls As UCONN Cancels Football Season

Well, here we go, this is not a good sign for the NCAA Football season. UCONN has announced this morning that they will not be participating the the college football season that was scheduled to start in a few weeks. This is a huge gut punch to the dans of the sport and this might be the first push that other schools needed to cancel their seasons as well.

The last week was looking like an improvement in regard to COVID-19 cases and deaths related to the virus in the United States. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worst yesterday and cases and deaths spiked throughout the United States. Nobody can say anything disparaging UCONN’s decision, I think it might be the right call and as much as we want college football, we need to stop the virus and UCONN feels like it is doing their part to stop the spread.

Without there being any clear outcome for what the school year is going to look like, I think it is a really bad look for schools to allow sports to be played when they are not requiring students to show up on campus. For once, could schools choose to not line their pockets and make themselves and the NCAA more rich while the student athletes suffer? I am supportive of UCONN’s decision making. I think that pro sports should play because the salaries are astronomical and they can create universal ways to maintain social distancing and procedures to keep the players safe. Colleges and Universities are all different in terms of how much money they have to spend and if the NCAA is not going to provide the funds to create proper situations and settings then the season cannot be played and for that, I applaud UCONN’s decision to cancel their football season.

UCONN did plan to play an independent schedule this year so this bears no weight on a conference or what the response from the teams involved in a conference would look like. This is an independent decision and it could not impact other schools, my feeling is that other programs were waiting for the first school to cancel the season and then they will follow suit.

If the season is played we will have the answer that has been on the mind of every college football fan. Money is more important than the health and safety of the student-athletes, if this season is played then we can never hear a peep from the NCAA about players leaving early or not wanting to go to college because they chose to play this season for one reason and one reason only, to make money. For all the BS that comes out of schools and universities, the biggest joke is that they try to seem holier than thou and try to hide the face that they use the players as pawns to make money for their schools. The face that these players are not paid or given more perks to be athletes at these high profile schools is crazy. I love college football more than anyone, it might be my favorite sport to watch on television and is hands down the best sporting event to attend live and I will miss the bejesus out of this season if it is not played. Now, I won’t come off like a saint, if they play the season, I will watch every second of it but if this season is played, it will once and for all prove that money is king for the colleges, universities and the NCAA and the well-being of the student-athletes is secondary.