Yankees Mash Baseballs En Route To 6th Straight

It pains me to even type in the headline. I hate the New York Yankees but more specifically I hate the fanbase of the New York Yankees, you might say that’s harsh but it is just fact, there is not a worse fanbase in all of sports. There are die-hard Yankee fans and for that, I say, bad judgement but I have no problem with you. Growing up, I was a fan of the Bronx Bombers, when you grow up a mere few hours hours from the most famous ballpark in history, it is tough to not root for the Yankees. Then something happened, I became fourteen years old and said, I need to start thinking for myself, why am I rooting for this organization, why am I going to root for an organization that kicked Joe Torre to the curb after brining the Yankees back to glory. I was becoming a free thinker and my allegiance went with my grandfather and Joe Torre, out west, I became a Los Angeles Dodgers fan. Other than marrying my wife, leaving the evil empire was the best decision I ever made.

The problem with this fanbase is that they are like cockroaches, when the getting is good, they crawl out of their gross crevices and try to talk to you about baseball when they couldn’t tell you anything other than the fact that Aaron Judge hits a lot of home runs. It was the same side effect that darkened the die-hard fans Red Sox championship experience in 04′ when fair-weather fans emerged and dusted off that vintage 1986 AL Championship shirt and were now the foremost authority on all things Boston baseball.

With saying all that, the Yankees are loaded and if they don’t make it to the World Series (if we finish this season) I will be stunned. Their lineup does not quit, the Dodgers have the best lineup in the National League but you can poke a couple potential holes in it, I have yet to find that with this Yankees team. The question I have with the Yankees is the same question that I have had with them for the last decade, will their pitching hold up in October? Well, they have arguable the best pitcher in all of baseball now in Gerritt Cole and that is going to be a welcomed addition when the October breeze starts to roll into the South Bronx.

We briefly discussed this on the podcast but the artist formerly known as Mike Stanton is having an absolute resurgence with the Yankees this season. Coming off a dismal start in the Bronx that was plagued by inefficiency and injuries, Giancarlo Stanton is back. Look, he gets the opportunity to play in front of zero fans with no pressure and return himself to the form that made him one of the most feared, if not the most feared hitter in all of baseball when he was with the Miami Marlins. Stanton, healthy and confident for a full 162 in 2021 is a scary thought for the entire AL East.

Aaron judge is quickly becoming the most recognizable and most talked about player in all of baseball and all of New York. He has homered in five straight games and is three games shy of tying former Yankee Captain, Don Mattingly for the longest streak in franchise history, eight games in 1987. Watching judge hit homers is like a religious experience, I have never seen a player hit balls so far, with so much ease and an apparent lack of exertion, it is incredible. With saying that, every time he hits one out I want to vomit because of the image of Yankee fans with tattoos of Derek Jeter and the Yankee Stadium facade celebrating like morons.

Our only hope to continue this decade of Yankee misery is a team to get hot at the right time or for my Dodgers to square up with them in the Fall Classic in what will be the most nerve-wracking sports experience of my 28 years on this earth. A loss to the Yankees would be something I could never live down from so many friends and family who are probably currently ironing their pinstriped Yankee jersey to wear all the way opened and let that chest hair fly!