Tayshia To The Rescue!

Bachelor in Paradise': Wait, so we're just letting anyone in now? – foolish  watcher

According to E! News and Reality Steve, Tayshia Adams has arrived on the set of the Bachelorette to replace the current Bachelorette Clare Crawley. Crawley was in the middle of filming the new season of the Bachelorette when she apparently fell in love with one of the contestants and refused to continue filming because she didn’t see the point of finishing out the season. Listen sweetie, we are in the middle of a pandemic, we have about two things to currently be excited about, we need the Bachelorette and Bachelor, I need Chris Harrison’s sweet ass on my TV screen every Monday and Tuesday night and we can have you interrupting that because you found “love”. I mean let’s be honest for a minute, Clare knew what the show was right? Like theres a chance that you were going to fall for someone before the finale, I am sure it has happened before. I am not surprised by this move, she seemed like she was ready to make a big splash to extend her brand one way or the other. This will lead to her bashing the Bachelorette and ABC and how this was an awful experience blah blah blah. She will be on the podcast and radio circuit then the book will come out titled “My Journey To Love: The Clare Crawley Story”. Good news for Kathryn Heigel, she can play Clare in the upcoming Lifetime movie about this diabolical move that will end in a break-up in about 4.5 months.

Bachelor In Paradise unveils opening introductions of the all-star cast  looking for love in Mexico | Daily Mail Online

Let’s focus on the joyous news that Tayshia will now be the new Bachelorette. This is amazing news, in this bloggers humble opinion, Tayshia is the most funny and beautiful thing to ever grace our television sets. She is the perfect choice for the Bachelorette and it will be a bitter sweet day when my beautiful angel does find love. I am sure that my wife will be happy because once some strapping young gent sweeps Tayshia off of her feet I will honor that and stay with my wife and stop pursuing Tayshia.

Tayshia Adams' Hot Pink Bikini | Big Blonde Hair

Tayshia is the hero that we need AND the hero we deserve in Bachelor Nation. We have suffered through Pilot Pete and the drama surrounding Clare Crawley, it is time for a mature, beautiful woman to return this series to all of its seriousness and integrity, seriousness and integrity, the staples of the Bachelor and Bachelorette.

I have a feeling that us as viewers dodgers a bullet here, Clare would have been insufferable as the Bachelorette, she seems about as high maintenance as they come and there was already an uproar from Bachelor nation about the choice to have her as Bachelorette. It was met with a mixture of positive and negative reaction. I felt that she robbed our Princess Tayshia of her chance in the spotlight and now, finally, Tayshia will get her chance to show America just how wonderful she is. LETS GO TAYSHIA!!!