State Of The ProcrastiNation: We Are Making Moves

What’s up everybody! I am happy to announce that we are making big strides with our blog and podcast network. Starting this week, ProcrastiNation will be recording and releasing our newest podcast called: You Don’t Say?

Mulraney and I are so happy to announce the addition of three new ProcrastiNation members. Liz and Lizze will be joining me on the new podcast along with doing some blogging and Mikey C, our new producer who will also be carrying the load with some sports blogs. Mulraney and I both realized that if we want this blog and network to expand then we need to diversify our audience and content, the pandemic and the cancellation of sports was a harsh reminder that sports might not always be here the way we expect them too.

For those of you who don’t know, I had the idea to start this blog and immediately looped in Mulraney who is our Editor in Chief and behind the scenes guru along with being a blogger and podcaster. I handle the content and have been referred to as “The Podfather” or “The Blogfather” and I am humbled and honored by those titles but Mulraney and I can’t do it alone. That is why we decided to bring on quality people who will help us sky rocket creatively. I have complete faith in Liz, Lizzie and Mike and what they will contribute to our blog and podcast network.

We need all of you to support us and spread the word about the work we are doing and the content that we are creating:
Instagram – procrastination_sports
Spotify – ProcrastiNation Podcast Network

This is not the end of our growth either, we have two other projects that are currently in the works that we will be announcing sometime this week or early next week. We are going to put the internet on notice with the newest selection of podcasts that we will be offering. We are going to still pump out blogs and the Corner booth Podcast might be one of the best sports shows available right now, Mulraney and I will still be coming to you with that. These moves are not to abandon our sports roots but instead, to expand our reach and try to take this operation to the next level. We are only seven months old and we are focused on growing and providing you sensational content everyday! Hear, Hear To The ProcrastiNation!