Is The Baseball Season Doomed?

As predicted on our podcast “The Corner Booth” Mulraney and I both said that we would be shocked if the spread of coronavirus stopped with the Miami Marlins. It did not stop, the St. Louis Cardinals are now infected and their game vs the Brewers tonight has been postponed. This comes on the heels of the Marlins outbreak and the lack of wherewithal in suspending Joe Kelly, MLB and their Commissioner’s decision making is under the microscope.

Frankly, I feel bad for these players and their families, the Commissioner of Baseball and the Player’s Union did an awful job at getting this season ready for a re-start. Instead of adopting the bubble method that has the NBA and NHL in what appears to be a minimal or no risk situation, MLB rolled the dice and allowed these players to travel throughout the country including to areas that are still deemed “hot spots”.

This all stems from the bad decision making and inability to get a deal done earlier in the summer, Manfred dropped the ball repeatedly and was forced to act quickly to ensure there was a baseball season. Instead of creating a bubble preferably in Arizona or Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex, the decision was made to allow teams to travel and now the season is in jeopardy. It appears that two Cardinals players have tested positive this morning and the MLB is still trying to figure out what to do for the immediate future. The plan right now, seems to be to start playing 7-inning doubleheaders as early as tomorrow to make sure all teams have an opportunity to finish their 60 game schedule. My biggest issue with the MLB’s handling of this situation is that it seems to be a flying by the seat of their pants style approach and when you are dealing with the health and safety of human beings, you cannot be that careless or misguided.

Rob Manfred, the Commissioner of Baseball should really take a step back and think about what the next move should be, i don’t think baseball can handle too many wrong decisions or rushed decisions. They need to figure out a substantial solution to a problem that seemed inevitable and that they misguidedly seemed to overlook. So far, the MLB restart is a resounding failure.