My Ego Barely Fits Through The Door

I was contemplating the state of our country the last couple of days and I came to the realization that I have a tremendous ego. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that but it felt good to have a self-reflecting moment, i’m sure my therapist would have been proud. As I sat there, watching the news, contemplating and thinking, I realized, I could easily be the President of the United States. I firmly believe that I could do a phenomenal job at leading our country at the ripe old age of 27. Let’s bypass the rule that you have to be 35 years old to serve as Commander in Chief, I am ready to roll now. This got me thinking, what does this say about me, my personality and the way that I view myself? Is this one of those things that you say, wow, there are some deep untouched issues and a need to be focused on or is this something you could chalk up to having tremendous amounts of confidence in myself and my abilities?

It surely is interesting, I have always had the personality of being a leader and starting ventures and perhaps it is that attitude that got this blog started, that got me running the soon to be best up and coming blog and podcast network in the World, slowly but surely. It’s this attitude that makes me believe I am getting good enough at golf that I could be on the Champions Tour when I turn 50, it’s the attitude that has propelled me to professional goals I didn’t think were possible. The downside to this is that I live in a world filled with creativity and imagination and sometimes it is too much for my own good, more people live a life of balance and structure and I tend to focus on the great possibilities and the big achievements.

While a big ego can definitely be viewed as a negative i think in these times the ability to have confidence in ourselves is very important. I don’t care where you are from, what you look like, what you believe in, you have a set of skills and abilities that is unique and can make a difference in the world. There is something attractive about everybody and at times we have trouble seeing that but i am here to tell ya that the ability to boost yourself up will help you see the good in the rest of the people you come in contact with.

It wasn’t always like this, for years I battled with anxiety, paranoia and depression, I still do but at a much lesser level now. The reason for that is that I stopped drinking and using substances, got clean and sober and started going to AA and therapy. From there, I started taking medication to combat my anxiety and depression and while I am far from perfect now, I feel so much better, the confidence boost I gained was literally a life saver. So perhaps, let’s not so quickly judge the giant egos in the room because while we like to think they are obnoxious, perhaps they are oozing confidence and perhaps it is for the first time in their lives.