MLB IS A JOKE! Suspends Joe Kelly For 8 Games

Rob Manfred should run for cover because I will never stop saying how big of a moron this guy actually is. MLB has just announced that they will be suspending Joe Kelly, the Dodgers relief pitcher for EIGHT GAMES and Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts for a game. It is reported that Kelly will appeal his suspension.

Just to put this into context, giving a player an 8 game suspension in a 60 game season is equivalent to giving him a 22 game suspension in a 162 game season, this is beyond hilarious. This is a complete and utter disgrace, this is an unheard of suspension, and if you were wondering if he hit any of the Astros players last night, the answer would be a resounding NO! The Astros are the same organization who cheated their way to a World Series Championship and not one player was suspended. The Dodgers throw a couple of pitches near Bregman and Correa and you suspend Joe Kelly for eight games. This is another example that baseball has become soft and I cannot defend it anymore, if this occurred twenty years ago the Astros would have been getting plunked, left and right, game after game from the start of the season until the end. What precedent is this setting for a sport that used to hold the unwritten rules of the game so closely to the heartbeat of their operation, now, cheaters can cheat and the consequence will be a suspension of their figurehead manager and a five million dollar fine. Rob Manfred has once again botched a situation, the biggest joke in professional sports strikes again.

Baseball is being run by an ego maniac who suspends players for trying to get back at the biggest cheaters in sports history, while letting the cheating players who knew what pitch was coming en-route to a championship get no suspensions whatsoever. Manfred is a coward, if he wasn’t he would come on our podcast, how about that for some genius marketing? If you are not outraged by this decision then you hate America, you hate sports and you hate justice, this is outrageous and it is an abuse of power and another example that baseball is being run by a complete and utter buffoon, A CLOWN.

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Congratulations baseball you are officially the softest sport on planet earth, badminton looks life ultimate fighting compared to Rob Manfred’s Major League Baseball.


Look at this delusional quote! Hey Rob, there is a better chance of Jesus Christ managing the Kansas City Royals next season than there is of baseball under your rule owning the next generation. Baseball is currently the 18th most popular sport in our country right now according to my study:
1. NFL
2. NBA
6. NHL
7. Golf
8. UFC
9. Chess
10. Corn Hole
11. Hot Dog Eating
12. Boxing
13. Checkers
14. Badminton
15. Spike Ball
16. Strip Poker
17. Beer Pong
18. Rob Manfred’s Major League Baseball


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