MLB Keeps Playing Through Outbreak; Manfred Informs Everyone That He Has No Plan

Major League Baseball played the majority of their games on Monday night, postponing only three games throughout the league. The Marlins vs Orioles, Phillies vs Yankees and the Indians and White Sox were postponed due to rain, not the COVID outbreak. The Marlins have announced that they will not be playing Tuesday night either and if the outbreak doesn’t spread to more personnel on the team then they will resume play against the Orioles on Wednesday night in Baltimore. The Phillies and Yankees are planning to resume play tonight, but no official announcement has been made regarding the continuation of that series.

The Marlins outbreak is running rampant and the Commissioner of Baseball, Rob Manfred went on MLB Network last night and sat down with Tom Verducci to let all baseball fans know that he has no plan whatsoever. Verducci asked him point blank, what was his plan moving forward after the Marlins further testing. The Commissioner stumbled over his words and informed us that he will look into it once the tests come back. What? This Commissioner has continually stumbled and fumbled his way through the Astros scandal, the MLB restart and now the COVID outbreak. Is it too much to ask that the MLB came up with a plan prior to an outbreak, shouldn’t this entity have a disaster plan before restarting the season?

The lack of the bubble has proven to be one of the most misguided decisions since the pandemic has begun. There are continual praises being sent the way of the NBA and the NHL who have both adopted the bubble model and so far there seems to be no cracks in the mold. We are only two days away from the NBA restart and there seems to be no concern moving forward at all, baseball cannot say the same thing at this juncture.

There are calls for Manfred to resign as Commissioner, there is absolutely zero chance that he does that but I think he needs to avoid these live TV moments where he is easily rattled and comes off as a complete doofus. The biggest criticism that is being sent Manfred’s way is that there was an opportunity to restart the MLB season earlier in the summer all at one facility and adopt the bubble philosophy that the other major sports have decided upon. There was a proposal that would have divided teams into two facilities with no extensive travel, one league in Florida and the other in Arizona and the only travel would occur when the two league winners would meet at a neutral site for the World Series. This was shot down by MLB and they decided to go with the most extensive travel plan that we have seen on any level since the start of the pandemic. This allowed for a lot of variables to be brought into the occasion and for there to be more chance of a potential outbreak.

Hopefully this spread was caught early enough and this doesn’t result in the pre-mature end of the MLB season. Manfred needs to figure it out quickly and make sure that this isn’t one of the most mismanaged situations in baseball history.