The Knicks Make A Right Decision: Thibodeau Signing 5-Year Deal

I have been a New York Knicks fan since the early 00’s and I can count on one hand the amount of times they have made the right decision regarding coaches, front office or players. Over the weekend the Knicks decided to make a competent decision and are hiring Tom Thibodeau as our new Head Basketball Coach.

Mulraney and I discussed this on our podcast a few weeks ago and we both and Thibodeau high on our list. I was a little bit more into the idea of Thibodeau as Mulraney was, I had him second on my wish list behind Jason Kidd. I am thrilled with this hire, it is a proven NBA Head Coach who has roots with the Knicks, he was an assistant coach under Jeff Van Gundy when the Knicks actually could put the ball in the basket on occasion.

Tibbs was the 2011 NBA coach of the year when he was heading up the Chicago Bulls and was able to pull them out of the burning dumpster that the franchise was in for the decade following the departure of MJ following the 98 season. Tibbs will have the same task when taking over the Knicks, one of the proudest franchises in NBA history has been a complete bag of shit 90% of the time over the last eighteen years. Tibbs will become the THIRTEENTH Head Coach for the Knicks since Van Gundy departed during the 01-02 season. When Tibbs served on Van Gundy’s staff, the Knicks made the playoffs every year and shocked the world by reaching the 1999 NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs.

In his NBA coaching career Tibbs is 352-246, he most recently was heading up the Minnesota Timberwolves and was able to haul that trash bag franchise to the playoffs in 2018 and was then fired early on in the 2019 season because of coach killer, Jimmy Butler, demanding a trade, instead the T-Wolves showed Tibbs the door.

I am a die-hard Knicks fan and if you are not excited about this move then you have big ol’ steaming dump in your pants. We have been clamoring for this type of leader since Van Gundy departed. He checks all the boxes, experience, maturity, winning record, accountability and most of all, he understands New York. He was part of the last consistent winning culture the Knicks had, he knows the pressure New York comes with and he knows how to handle and harness that pressure and create a tough as nails team that all Knicks fans have been hoping to see again.

Tibbs has become famous for being demanding, it will not be an easy ride for the players, they are going to have to put in constant hard work and bring intensity. He is a defensive mind so hopefully we will begin to see some hard nosed style of basketball. Look back at Tibbs’ Bulls teams with Derrick Rose and J. Noah, that is the style of basketball all Knicks fan are wanting to see. A team that competes, is not afraid of anyone and returns the in your face, knock you down and won’t help you up style of 90’s Knicks Basketball that we all need to see in the Garden again.