Taylor Swift Sucks .. There, I Said It

In a world that is filled with fake celebrities gracing our twitter feeds and television screens there is very few that are more sensitive and fake than Taylor Swift. you might ask yourself, why are you writing this, why call out Taylor? The answer, I am miserable and her fake shocked surprised face anytime anyone mentions how great she is makes me want to drown myself in my sink, that’s why.

I have already wrote a blog about how fake Ellen is and then I had a sea of tweets supporting my claims and former staff saying that working for Ellen was one of the worst experiences of their lives. Ellen and Taylor, walking hand in hand into the category of celebrities who suck and will waste no opportunity to stand on their soap box preaching about how woke and right they are. Think about how dumb the idea of celebrity is, we listen to people because they are famous, nearly all the time these actors, musicians, talk-show hosts are less educated and more misinformed than you or me. Yet, we take their messages and pin them to our stories and right “100” “fire” “preach” next to the words of sixth grade graduate Taylor Swift, it’s asinine.

Are there really people out there who care to hear Taylor Swift’s political opinion? I don’t want to hear about who anyone is voting for but do some people actually care which way your favorite celebrity is voting and if so, will that influence your vote? That is absurd on so many levels, I can’t fathom a life where I am that big of a sheep. BAH BAH. Will people actually not watch someone’s movies or listen to someone’s music because of their political beliefs, do we see how wild that notion is. Taylor Swift could come out and say I am voting for a piece of cardboard for President, I wouldn’t judge her where her vote is going, I would judge her for the fact that she thought we the people cared about who she is voting for.

Not to mention, is there a bigger sell-out in music history? From country artist to full on pop-star and you might say that it is her versatility. No it’s not, it is her way to climb the ladder to rub elbows with the rest of the pretentious A-listers, not many country artists are doing that, probably because they are more down to earth and probably because 90% of them have a love for country music. Can we discuss that song “Look What You Made Me Do” more specifically the music video. I mean it is laugh out loud funny, she tries to act badass and show that she is burying the good-girl image of Taylor Swift, the only thing less believable that I have ever seen is when Sly beat Mr.T in Rocky III.

She has written song after song about breakups and heartbreak, you think it’s a coincidence that nobody is with her? No, it’s because she’s a raving lunatic, I guarantee it. Any amount of money (bloggers salary) that T-Swift is on a whole other lever of lunacy. I will admit, she has some fire jams but a lot like the LeBron James effect, her personality just diminishes her talent in my eyes.

I know Taylor has a sea of fans so I am ready for you to all yell at me and say I have no taste, but we need to move the needle to bump up views on the blog! Hear, hear to the ProcrastiNation!