COVID-19 Is Spreading Through The MLB; Marlins Home Opener Is Cancelled

2020 is a complete bummer, when there is one shred of light and hope it is immediately met with an absolute monsoon of darkness and the harsh reality that we are currently living in. As of Monday morning, fourteen Miami Marlins players and coaches have tested positive for COVID-19. The Marlins won two of their first three games against the Phillies were preparing to head back to Miami for their home opener, the positive test results came back and the Marlins were ordered to stay in Philadelphia and their home opener was postponed.

This won’t just be a Marlins issue, this now brings the locker rooms and facilities they used and puts anyone in jeopardy who comes into the Phillies ballpark, the Yankees were next on the schedule for Philadelphia and we are still waiting on word if games will proceed tonight. The Phillies visiting clubhouse has been undergoing constant attention, fumigation and cleaning since the news broke that the Marlins were carrying the virus.

Mulraney and I discussed the risks on the podcast, the MLB has allowed these teams to live outside the bubble, if you do that, the risk becomes more severe. The NBA has figured out a way to play a season inside a bubble and not allowing people in or out, that is the model that was recommended by the top health officials in this country. Manfred and the powers that be at Major League Baseball decided to forego the bubble idea in Arizona and now are caught up in an absolute mess, less than a week from when the season began. The twitter-verse is calling for Manfred to resign because there are reports that the commissioners office was aware of the risk before yesterdays Marlins and Phillies game and that they were allowed to play anyway, I have no idea if that is true, it seems highly unlikely that they would be so aloof during these times in our country and the world.

This goes far beyond the MLB, this is a clear example of the reality that awaits the NFL if they choose to go with a non-bubble setup for their season. Look, I have read all the numbers and the studies, unlike a lot of people. The virus death counts are decreasing, the cases are increasing and if you do not have underlying conditions you will most likely be absolutely fine and defeat this virus within a week. I believe the biggest issue here is not the long-term health of the players but the optics, MLB chose to not trust the bubble system and decided to allow teams to travel, be in unfamiliar areas and they expected this pandemic to somehow avoid them? It really makes zero sense, we were all caught up in the excitement of baseball returning that we overlooked how misguided and unachievable this plan might have been. Obviously when dealing with players health you can’t be too careful and I feel like baseball figuratively might have a huge swing and a miss on their hands.

Hopefully all the players and staff that have the virus have a speedy recovery and this does not continue to spread and end this season before it even got a chance to really get started.