Are We Not Better Than This?

I am not naive, I have my degree in history and I have studied the United States of America for many years, I realize that this country has never been perfect. I sit here today, typing this, reflecting on a story that I just read about a moron couple in Minnesota who wore Nazi face masks in a Wal-Mart. Obviously, the fellow shoppers were offended and concerned, the couple says that they were making a political statement, it was meant to remind the shoppers that if Joe Biden is elected President then the United States will resemble Nazi Germany. It’s disgusting to even suggest that, it would seem that this is just a situation of two idiotic assholes, unfortunately, it is more common that people like this exist around us.

People are severely misinformed, people are delusional and we are in danger of losing what made this country so great. It wasn’t long ago that our nation was viciously attacked on September 11th, 2001 and instead of turning against each other, our country came together. In the face of great adversity and unknown, the American people decided that we were stronger together, regardless of race, religion, age, sexual orientation and background, we came together. We emerged from the darkest time in our nation’s history more united than ever. I ask the question, why can’t we come together again? I am not saying I know everything, but I feel like I can make a few statements that everybody should agree upon and if you don’t then check out #10:

1. Everyone in our country should be treated the same, treated fairly and treated with respect.
2. Not all police officers are bad people, in fact, most of them are good people, heroes and they set out to protect and serve their communities.
3. George Floyd was murdered unjustly and Breonna Taylor deserves justice immediately.
4. The lack of communication amongst people from different sides of the political spectrum is absurd and if we can’t have civilized conversations then all hope is lost.
5. COVID-19 is real.
6. COVID-19 is becoming politicized more and more.
7. COVID-19 will most likely not cause any serious challenges to you unless you are elderly or have an underlying condition.
8. Wear a mask, regardless of how you feel about COVID, if we wear them in public maybe this bullshit will be behind us sooner rather than later.
9. Go out and vote in November, regardless of which Presidential candidate you support, realize we live in a country that allows us to be free and choose our leader. Respect the election process and stand behind the winner in November.
10. The day we stop loving each other, listening to each other and realizing none of us are perfect, we have reached our limit as society and the decline and destruction of our nation is inevitably upon us.

Look, I don’t know much but I know that I love our country and I long for the day when we can leave this nightmarish reality that we are currently in and soak up all of the great things that we might have taken for granted. I never thought that I would realize how important going on vacation, seeing our loved ones, eating out and shaking hands would actually be. Can we please come together and appreciate our brothers and sisters in our country who regardless of where they are from or what they look like, deserve to be treated with respect and fairness.

I hope for better times, I hope that you can read this and reflect on what is happening and that we will only grow if we come together, if we help one another and focus on driving hate and discrimination out of our society. i hope we stop living in fear and living in a society where biased media outlets on both sides of the aisle play on divisiveness and fear mongering, things need to change, we need to wake up and fight for change. It seems like one person can’t change things, that is true, but if we all do our part then our small effort will turn into a Herculean effort that will keep the United States of America the greatest country in the world.