Iron Mike Tyson will Fight Roy Jones Jr. in an 8-Round Exhibition

SONY DSC Photo Credit: Shelby S. Drummond.

Are you ready for the baddest man on the planet to return to the squared circle? “Iron” Mike Tyson will box in an 8-round exhibition fight against Roy Jones Jr. for his new promotion the “Legends Only League.”

For the past three or four months, as we have all been putting on the lbs during quarantine, Tyson has been training, and not just “lets not die early” training. He’s been showing off the punching power that made him famous.

Ever since Iron Mike has been getting into shape and cutting workout videos, there have been rumors of a Tyson comeback. Boxers are like pro wrestlers, rappers, and bands from the 80’s in the sense that they never TRULY retire, they just wait until the inspiration strikes them again. The Roy Jones Jr. bout is scheduled for September 12th of this year.

The Legends Only League is a creation of Tyson himself. A platform that will serve to bring older athletes back into the sports they love and became famous in. Much like the Big 3 did for basketball players and nearly getting Iso Joe Johnson back in the NBA following his debut season in the three on three league.

Tyson hasn’t fought since 2005, when he refused to answer the bell against some tin can named Kevin McBride. While Roy Jones Jr. continued to fight well after he should have, but has not competed since 2018 when he fought some guy named Scott Sigmon who doesn’t even have his own Wikipedia page. Jones Jr. had been named boxer of the 90’s and started his career by going 49-1 before finishing his career 66-9.

We can expect the rest of the card to be just as unrealistic as Tyson/Jones Jr. with the addition of former NBA player and New York Knicks legend Nate Robinson boxing YouTube “star” Jake Paul in the undercard. Robinson played college football in addition to being a multiple time Slam Dunk Champion. Jake Paul I had to google because I’m old. He apparently has boxed once before and won against someone else I don’t know.

Here’s what I know for sure, I am a grade a sucker and will fork over whatever cash I have to in order to watch Mike Tyson box again. If I bought Mayweather/McGregor, I’ll buy whatever circus they put out there. Only in America!


Iron Mike Tyson (50-6-2) 44 Knockouts

Roy Jones Jr. (66-9) 47 Knockouts