Dodgers and Betts Close To Inking Massive Extension … YES PLEASE

Oh yes, spring training 2.0 is wrapping up and tomorrow we take the field for Opening Day of the 2020 MLB season. It couldn’t get much better than that, could it? I ask again, could it? It just might get so much better if you are a fan of the soon to be World Champion Los Angeles Dodgers. Rumors are swarming the internet streets that the Dodgers and superstar outfielder Mookie Betts are close to finalizing a 10 year extension worth nearly 400 million.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself because this franchise has let me down so many times but please dear lord, if they get this done I will be ecstatic. This makes the Dodgers the favorite in baseball not just next year but for the next decade. Cody Bellinger and Mookie Betts together, patrolling the outfield in Chavez Ravine for the next decade brings a tear to my eye, a tear of absolute euphoric joy.

If you are a fan of the Boston Red Sox, you have to want to puke in your cheerios this morning. Betts is about to take the amount of money from the Dodgers that he was asking the Red Sox to give him at a home town discount. Betts clearly wants to spit in the face of the Red Sox ownership and front office and by taking the money he was asking for in Boston when he could wait a year and get more on the open market is a beautiful thing.

Do me a favor and look at this Dodgers roster if they were to sign Mookie to a ten-year deal. You would have Betts and Bellinger, both in their prime, Joc Pederson a solid young outfielder, Corey Seager who was once the toast of the MLB being healthy for the first time in three seasons, Will Smith, Max Muncy and a veteran Justin Turner. The Dodgers are a second baseman away from having an All-Star team take the field for the next five seasons. Round that out with one of the best rotations in baseball and young guys like Josiah Gray and Dustin May waiting in the wings. The Dodgers could roll with that roster for the next handful of years or trade off some young assets to get another proven MLB superstar.

Obviously, this deal needs to be finalized first and when it does I am going to be thrilled, this is what any fan wants to see, your team spending F-YOU money to players that deserve it and giving your team a chance to compete for championships for the next decade. I don’t want to jinx it, I will go out on a limb here, but within the next ten years, I see the Dodgers winning a title, set your sights low so you are never disappointed, especially if you bleed Dodger Blue. HEY RANDY! CUE THE MUSIC!