It’s MLB Opening Week 2.0

I wrote a blog a few months ago when baseball was about to return, then we had the pandemic shut down all sports. We are finally gearing back up to start the new normalcy of sports, on Thursday, MLB Opening Day 2.0 will be upon us. It is a sixty game season that will be played regionally, each team will play all their games against their division opponents and the opposite leagues team in the same region. For example, the NL East teams will play all the other teams in their division and will round out their schedule against AL East teams. Essentially, teams will be playing sixty games in sixty days and then we will start the post-season, the post-season will be not be expanded this year and we will have to wait another year to possibly see the most teams in history participating in the MLB post-season. Another huge rule change will be allowing the DH in every game in both leagues, the NL has historically been the league that comprised of more strategy and dealing with the pitcher hitting in the lineup but this year will feature a whole new look.

It is a past-time as old as baseball, writers making predictions on the upcoming season, so I will follow suit and give you my picks on how this season will shape up. As a die-hard Dodgers fan, I have already worked the spin-zone out in my head. If the Dodgers win their first World Series since 1988 then we will have overcome the most adversity in baseball history and were able to battle a pandemic as well as the other teams to capture the greatest World Championship in the history of the sport. On the flip side of that coin, if the Dodgers once again break my heart, I will say that this was a fake, sixty game season that didn’t allow for the normal flow of an MLB season and David Price sat out for the betterment of the community and keep everyone safe so how dare you even give me shit about us not winning the title. So, there you go, at least I am open and honest about how I will rationalize this baseball season. Okay, let’s get going with our predictions for the 2020 MLB season:

AL East: Yankees
AL Central: Twins
AL West: Astros
WC #1: Rays
WC #2: White Sox

NL East: Braves
NL Central: Reds

NL West: Dodgers
NL WC #1: Nationals
NL WC #2: Padres

Rays over White Sox

Nationals over Padres

Rays over Astros (3-1)
Yankees over Twins (3-0)

Dodgers over Nationals (3-1)
Reds over Braves (3-2)

Rays over Yankees (4-3)

Dodgers over Reds (4-1)

World Series:
Dodgers over Rays (4-3)

WORLD SERIES MVP: Walker Buehler

Let’s get this 2020 season rolling. Stay tuned for our MLB PREVIEW PODCAST coming this week, it will be released on either Wednesday or Thursday! Hear, hear to the ProcrastiNation!