The Corner Booth Episode 26: Half-Year Spectacular! Washington’s Name Change, Tiger is Back and not Tiger’s Back, College Football in the Spring and Other COVID News

We have a long episode this week because we actually had sports! How exciting!

The big news of the week is the Washington Football Team finally caving to decades of pressure and changing their name. We talk about the potential replacements.

Tiger is back and we’re not talking about Tiger’s back!

COVID-19 is changing the way face masks and shields are worn on players as the prepare to report to training camp. We also have a sea of college conferences canceling fall sports, including the cash cow of college football. Could we be on our way to the first ever Spring season? Will draft picks even bother to play and have two seasons in one year?

All that and more in the Corner Booth.

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Music is “Coalescence” provided by Punch Deck.

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