The Corner Booth Episode 25: Patrick Mahomes gets his Brinks Truck, MLB Opt-Outs, Workday Charity Open Odds

We are on the precipice of all of the sports world happening at once, and as such, our sports podcast runneth over with sports news.

Patrick Mahomes is now rich af. For the first time ever, the highest sports contract in terms of dollars is a football player, and Scors and I think he’s worth the cash. All $400 to $500 million. He’s that good, and I’m not sure how much damage this causes the Chiefs salary cap.

Major League Baseball has quite a few stars opting-out of the 60 game season because of Coronavirus concerns. This is headlined by guys like Mike Leake, Ian Desmond, and David Price.

We also give a little gambling rundown for the Workday Charity Open, a few long shots to win it and a few favorites who you should keep an eye on throughout the weekend. (Also, rumor is we’re going to be kicking the tires on a little gambling podcast down the road for if/when we have professional and collegiate football.)

Shout-out Jamal Crawford for getting back in the league!

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