I Have Had Enough of Your Bobby Bonilla Jokes

It’s July 1st, which means all deferred compensation athletes get their yearly checks. Not one name is more associated with a yearly retirement contract than former Mets third baseman, Bobby Bonilla.

Look, as a Mets fan, I get it. It’s so very Metsian that the little brother franchise is spending $1.2 million every year for the next trillion years for a player that hasn’t been in Major League Baseball for 20 years. Every year, we hop on to Twitter as we’ve been conditioned to through all the sweet, sweet serotonin social media provides us, and we see every Tom, Dick, and Harry mocking the team for this contract. And guess what? It doesn’t stop there! You know what else I saw on the bird app today?


Oh. Hard-ee har har. Like the owners of your favorite team wouldn’t have gotten caught up in a once-in-a-generation Ponzi scheme. Like the owners of a major market team would need to trust a random grifter just to make payroll even though they run their team in the largest and most important city in the world and chase free agents like they’re the god damn Minnesota Twins. Why don’t we all make fun of the fact that the team batted out of order like a little league team too? Maybe have a good laugh about Mo Vaughn falling down the dugout stairs too?

Here’s the dirty little secret about the Bobby Bonilla deferment: It provided the New York Mets with two excellent pieces that changed the course of the franchise over the last twenty years. The deferred payment led to the acquisition of Mike Hampton who won the NLCS MVP in 2000, who then left in free agency allowing the Mets to get a compensation draft pick which became David Wright, the best Mets third baseman of all-time. So HA! Jokes on you. The Bonilla deal is actually a steal.

Thank you for this Brian.

I will not let all of you ruin the start of Spring Training 2.0 by bringing up Bobby Bonilla. I won’t let that happen. We’re on to Jacob deGrom winning the NL Cy Young with two wins and a 1.10 ERA.