The Evil Empire Strikes Again: Cam Newton Signs With New England

I have written about it, I have screamed it from the top of my lungs on the podcast. I was begging a team to sign Cam Newton, he is a superior talent, former MVP and led the Panthers to the Super Bowl and as of an hour ago, he was still a free agent. Well, not anymore, Cam Newton has signed a one-year deal with the New England Patriots. Once again, Belichick is playing chess while the rest of the league is playing checkers, he waited until the middle of summer to sign the best free agent QB other than Tom Brady to an organization friendly deal. Just like that, with one signing, Bills and Jets fans have puked in their mouth and have realized that the big bad wolf is back and the Patriots aren’t dead just yet.

Cam Newton brings a whole new dynamic to the Patriots. We have seen the Patriots attempt to put a younger roster on the field, specifically on offense and now they are equipped with a mobile QB who in my opinion, still has a lot left in the tank. Newton is a gamer and a team player, people do not realize that he has played injured for three seasons and up until this previous season gutted out game after game and made the Panthers relevant for the first time since 2004. The Panthers were way too quick to kick Cam to the curb and trust me, the grass is not always greener, especially when it comes to QB’s in the National Football League.

We have a recency bias, we only choose to remember what players have done for us lately, well I am here to splash the cold water of life on your face and let you know that the Patriots just signed a top-tier QB if he is healthy. So, if Cam shows up and is healthy, well guess what, the Patriots dynasty hit a monster pothole and just got the tire replaced and are now firing on all cylinders. If you knock the Patriots down, you have to kill them, they just got a massive jolt of energy and now it is time to collectively say, the Patriots are back and …. just as good as ever? More in-depth coverage on this signing coming soon.