The Corner Booth Episode 23: MLB is Back!

Major League Baseball is back and Scors and I spend 45ish minutes expressing our delight about it!

We talk about rule changes, like the universal designated hitter which is bad and Rob Manfred should feel bad. We talk about the schedule. We talk about how we’ll invalidate the whole season if our team doesn’t win. We also talk a little horse racing and PGA, but this is ~35 minutes of baseball talk.

This is late because days don’t mean anything and I also lost track of time on Wednesday during a scheduled recording session. We’re human.

We’re a month away from actual sports on television and we appreciate you all listening while we filled Spotify and this website with filler content until we came back. Hope everyone is excited for the summer and fall of relentless sports news.

If you don’t want to leave this window open for an hour, listen to us on Spotify.

We have also added Quite on Q as a sponsor. A Twitch gaming stream focused on RPG’s and first person shooters. 

Music is “Coalescence” provided by Punch Deck.