We have a conclusion to the baseball saga that Mulraney and I have been discussing for weeks. MLB commissioner Rob Manfred tried at every turn to screw up a situation that at one time looked like was the easiest of the four major sports to get back in business. Ultimately Manfred along with MLBPA President Tony Clark have reached an agreement and teams will be reporting to spring training on July 1st.

The MLB 2020 season is officially happening and that is all that matters. It is going to look different, feel different and even the rules will be different. The season will consist of only 60 games and will have an expanded playoff, three division winners and four wild card teams from each league. The number one seed in each league will get a bye and the remaining six teams will battle it out to setup a four team division series in both leagues.

There will be a designated hitter in both leagues and as of right now, following this season, the pitcher will return to hitting in the National League at the start of the 2021 regular season. If regular season games go into extra innings the inning will start with a runner on second base with one out for both teams.

We will have more to report on this as details become more clear, our podcast “The Corner Booth” will be released either tomorrow night or early Thursday morning and we will cover this from front to back on there as well.

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