NBA Moves Up Restart to July 30

Adam Silver, first of his name, a cyborg sent from the future to perfectly manage the NBA at each and every turn, has announced that we are officially one day closer to basketball than we thought. The league has moved up the Wide World of Sports restart of the season from July 31 to July 30.

When our sweet little heads hit those fluffy pillows last night we believed we were just one day closer to professional sports coming back. Now in the doldrums of a routine quarantine Thursday, the National Basketball Association has agreed to make us two days closer to watching our favorite teams take the court again to provide us a playoff tournament unlike any we have ever experienced before.

This is not the only key detail of the restart plan that has come forward today. Rosters will be expanded from the tradition 15 players including the two two-way players, to 17 players including the two two-way players. The expanded roster size is to help teams manage any potential COVID-19 cases that may arise within the roster.

Each team will also have replacement players available should anyone get injured or test positive for the virus. Players who test positive or are replaced because of injury will become ineligible for return during the playoffs. The replacement players may also take the place of players who do not wish to participate in the restarted season. Estimates today have reached between 40-50 players are not comfortable returning, or do not wish to endanger their own well-being for the sake of a season that may not end in a championship. 

It is also being reported that the league is seeking to have journalists stay within the safety bubble of the Wide World of Sports Disney complex. This request is a similar one made of the players who must stay within the compound as well. Typically, reporting on the NBA Playoffs would be a dream job, but with 100 some odd days without being able to leave the compound and potential exposure to the virus, the reporters will have an especially difficult job to perform.