My Thoughts On The State Of Our Country

I remember the day that I decided to start this blog, I contacted Mulraney and asked if he wanted to go in on this venture with me. We wanted to bring a blog that focuses on sports and pop culture, making it relatable to the people who sit in their cubicles day after day looking for some type of humorous or interesting distraction until the clock hit 5pm and they could go home. With that being said, sometimes things happen in the world and if you are commenting on current events like we hear at ProcrastiNation, I felt it was my responsibility as head of this blog to respond to what has been going on.

First off, let me say that I am a blogger who doesn’t have all the answers, this is strictly my opinion and although it might seem like it is an opinion that is right down the middle, that’s how I feel. I watched the entire video of George Floyd being murdered by that police officer, I refuse to say his name because he doesn’t deserve the time of day, he is bottom of the barrel, low-life, corrupt piece of filth. He is a murderer, there is no other way to view it. George Floyd had police officers called on him because he bounced a check, think about that for a second? Have you ever over-drafted on your debit account or on a check, I know I sure have, I never had the police called on me and I am guessing if you are reading this and you are a white person, you have never experienced that either. George Floyd died because one officer decided that he had no respect for George Floyd and he wanted to abuse his power to end a man’s life, it is an absolute tragedy, on top of that, the officers who stood around and let this happen should also be charged as accessories to murder. A police officers job is to provide safety not sit back while one of your fellow officers literally sits on a mans throat until he cannot breath anymore, killing him. It is shameful.

On the flip side to that coin, I truly believe that most cops are good hearted people who want to serve their community and make it a better place. Two of my friends from high school, one black, one white are now police officers where I grew up, in the inner city, I know how good and trustworthy those two guys are, the sacrifices they make and the way they handle themselves, they are heroes. I think the hard hitting truth is that there are pieces of shit in every profession, and police officers are no exception, unfortunately. A change needs to occur, the vetting process for police officers needs to change, like Chris Rock says in his standup routine, some professions can’t have bad apples and the police force is at the top of that list. I think we have seen the good that police officers can do in their community, Sheriffs throughout the country, most notably in Flint, Michigan have marched with protesters, showing that they are in this together, the murder of George Floyd was shameful and wrong and nobody feels this way more than the good-hearted police officers that make up the majority of the profession.

It is a beautiful sight to see a peaceful protest, it is what makes our country so great, the ability to peacefully protest and hearing your message heard. With saying that, I understand why people are upset, peaceful protest has occurred for generations and still we have incidents like the murder of George Floyd. I am sure people ask the question as to why peaceful protests are worth it when no change has come. I don’t have an answer for that but I can tell you that violence and burning down businesses is not the answer. I don’t see the correlation, people are losing their businesses and communities because of rioters that are setting fire and looting the businesses that play an important role in the community. I do think that there are numerous peaceful protests throughout the country and while the looting and violence is occurring, it is spotlighted in the media, that’s what moves the needle, not the hand in hand protests that have been developing from coast to coast. Whether you watch MSNBC or Fox News, I think it is time for us to realize that the media can be divisive, they need ratings, eyeballs on their content, the narrative that this is imploding, that racism has never stronger, the riots are spreading, the looting is out of control – that’s the story that works, that’s what people will tune into see. The networks fuel off of resentment, they tell us they want everyone to get along but the growing resentment drives ratings. We cannot rely on the media, we the people need to be the change that we want to see in our country and in the world.

I am a white guy in my twenty’s, I can’t relate to the hate that some black people have experienced but I decided to write this blog because I hope to be seen as an ally for our black brothers and sisters, I do think that if white people do not comment or stand up with black people than we are not advancing the solution. This shouldn’t be an issue of race, although it is, this is an issue that we need to stand up to murderous, awful people who wish to cause harm and assert their dominance on good people, who in no way deserved to be harmed. It has been said for decades, we need to come together, we are all people regardless of our race, religion, background, cultural experiences, we need to be together to advance humanity, to make this world a better place. I believe we have come a long way but we obviously still need to put in a Herculean effort to get to where we want to be. The biggest problem I see is that everyone is quick to pick a side, it blows my mind, there are no sides here, there shouldn’t be, there is one view point, WE ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF THE WORLD – we need to work together, we need to stop having police murder innocent people, we need to keep our communities in tact. The only way this happens if we stand by each others side, in a peaceful way, talking about the issues and not stopping peaceful protests until justice is served. The good people of our country should not be living in fear, or being concerned because of their race, or not feeling comfortable going to the store because of these riots and violence, stay safe and stay peaceful.

Rest in peace to George Floyd, don’t ever forget this mans name, he was taken too soon and for no reason. I hope his family can heal, somehow, someway and I hope that as Americans this is the final straw in a long line of tragedies, from here on out we move together, in one direction to ensure a peaceful existence for all Americans regardless of their race. Do your part, do what you can and treat everyone as if they were a friend or family member. Life is obviously too short, the hate cannot exist any longer, it is time for peace.

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