Scors Saves The Economy

Scors is putting on his economist hat and saving the country of economic depression, you’re welcome America. It’s the year 2020, I continually ask myself, why does society thumb its collective nose at gambling? Sure, we have made tremendous strides in recent years and sports gambling has become completely legitimate in numerous states, but why not all?

In these trying economic times lets set our sights on something that can be taxed, something that is profitable and something that nearly every sports fan is doing, it is time to legalize sports gambling in every state in our union. Let’s take a look at what the legalization of marijuana has done for the economy in the state of Colorado, it has skyrocketed! It is taxed by the state and people are now doing what they have been doing for generations, smoking weed, but now, the government is making a buck. With states throughout the country crying poor, now seems like a golden opportunity to start taxing the wide world of sports gambling, from checkers to the Super Bowl, make the move and let this become something that has to be done on the hush, hush or down low.

In 2016, Americans spent over $116 billion … B-B-B- BILLION on gambling. So, for argument sake, break that down, and average it across all 50 states, that gives us an average cost per state of $320 million. Let’s low ball this and say on the $320 million spent, state’s would collect 5% which we know is extremely low, that would bring in $16,000,000 per year for every individual state. Now, obviously some states will be gambling more than others but we are leaving tens of millions on the table in every state in the country, free money that could be used to better accommodate tourists, build new bridges and fix highways and upgrade cities and states so that residents would want to stick around. Most of all, it could help lower people’s taxes! AH HA! Once again, sports saves us.

Not to shine the light too brightly on this but that $116 billion figure from 2016 is lower than what it currently is and that is what is estimated, gun to my head, I bet that number is far higher and is only growing. Why is Las Vegas such a popular destination? Why has horse racing always been an attractive draw for sports fans? One word, GAMBLING. In 2016, NYRA (New York Racing Association) brought in nearly $5 million in profit, one state, one gaming commission, one sport, FIVE MILLION.

This trend of gambling becoming more and more normal is already creeping closer, we will soon be going into baseball stadiums, basketball arenas and there will be gambling kiosks and windows, strictly for gambling. As normal as it now is to go to a concession stand inside a stadium and get a beer and a pretzel, it will soon be as easy to go and place a bet on any sport being played in the world. The problem states will face is if they are the last ones to the table, being left behind and missing out on millions because of some ancient moral code or an idea that gambling is not something that appeals to the general public, it clearly does.

People are going to gamble regardless of whether or not they can do it “legally” so let’s make the right move and everybody wins, the american people can place wagers on sports, that’s as traditional as apple pie and hot dogs on the 4th and states can rake in the cash. Problem solved, hear,hear to the ProcrastiNation!