The Corner Booth Episode 19: Hockey is (Almost) Back, Tiger and Peyton Win, and Dak Prescott’s Wallet.

Episode 19 and we are finally on the precipice of a full blown sports summer. During the recording this week NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman announced his plans for the NHL playoffs and draft lottery. Expect playoff hockey sometime in July. Which means June is going to drag.

From there we discuss watching Tiger and Peyton Manning securing a win over Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson. Tom Brady played horrifically for 9 holes and got challenged by Scors to a golf match because of it.

Then we breakdown just how outrageous it is that Dak Prescott turned down $175 million from the Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys, especially with the Red Rifle breathing down his neck on the depth chart.

All that and more in The Corner Booth. 

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Music is “Coalescence” provided by Punch Deck.