The Match 2.0 Is In The Books

Earlier today there was rumors circulating that the golf outing we were all anxiously awaiting was going to be cancelled due to non stop thunderstorms throughout Florida. The four legends involved in the golf match, Woods, Mickelson, Brady and Manning decided to push through and play the match and in doing so they raised twenty-million dollars for charity amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, awesome job by the those guys.

The entire match was Mic’d up and I think more golf tournaments should be played like this. It was amazing to listen to Phil Mickelson explain the art of his short game, truly remarkable if you are a golf fan like myself. Mulraney was live on our instagram feed chronicling the action and he did a phenomenal job, go check it out. During the match, I challenged Tom Brady to play me in eighteen holes, I guarantee I can beat him on any course in this country. I love Tom Brady but for people saying that he plays as an 8 handicap is just laugh out loud funny and absurd. Brady did however have the shot of the match, holing out from about 150 with an incredible iron shot.

Tiger and Peyton won the match and if you are a fan of Tiger you must have loved what you saw, Tiger pounded the fairways all day long and his short game looked superb. This big lay off for Tiger could prove to be just what his body needed as we head into the golf season. The majors are piled on top of each other and over the course of a couple months Tiger is going to need to play his best golf, I think he is far from done and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he wins another major this year.

The commentary was SUPERB. Listen, I have ripped Justin Thomas non-stop for a long time but yesterday he did a complete 180 in my mind, he was funny, relatable and was giving out jabs to the golfers and my main man, Chuck Barkley. Charles as always was awesome on the mic and I would love to have him commentate on more golf events throughout the course of the year, he is funny and can talk to the average weekend hacker and make us feel better about our own golf game.

You have to give Manning and Brady a ton of credit, they are not professionals and they went on national tv and competed with the two greatest golfers of our generation with millions of people watching and in addition, dealing with torrential downpour. These guys gave us sports and at the same time they brought in TWENTY MILLION for charity and hundreds of thousands of meals for people in need, cannot beat that.

The offer still stands with Tommy, Scors is ready to take you on the links, any place anytime and anywhere, the team at ProcrastiNation is ready! Hear, hear to the ProcrastiNation!