Iron Mike Contemplating Comeback

Regardless of your opinion of Mike Tyson, there is one indisputable fact, at the height of his reign as Heavyweight Champion of the World, he was the baddest man in the history of sports. He became famous for his quick and vicious knockouts of opponents and became the youngest man in the history of boxing to capture the heavyweight championship belt. As many of you know, Tyson fell on hard times, financially, athletically and legally, he was viewed by many people as an awful person and out of control in all elements of life. Somehow, Tyson was able to change the opinion of many people, he paid his dues, apologized and from all accounts has transformed himself into a humble and repenting man who is embarrassed of the person he used to be. Oddly enough, I think the filming of “The Hangover” where Tyson had a cameo appearance made him relevant again and people were able to see a new side to Tyson. He then began podcasting and apologized to many of the people that he had wronged over the years, he is far from perfect but everybody loves a comeback story and everybody deserves a second chance, in my opinion.

Quarantine has pushed people to either get in shape or to sit on the couch, relax and eat their faces off. Well, Iron Mike has chosen to get in phenomenal shape and now at the age of 53, he is contemplating a return to boxing. Nothing has been officially announced yet but if you are not excited about the possibility of seeing Tyson get back into the ring, then I have no idea what your problem is. I am not losing my mind saying that Tyson could win back the title, or am I? George Foreman won the title at the age of 45, Foreman was out of shape and packed a heavy punch, Tyson is eight years older but is far quicker and in much better shape. I am inside all day during quarantine convincing myself that Iron Mike could make a comeback and take down Tyson Fury to win back the title at the ripe age of 53.

Tyson exclaims at the end of his training video “I’m back” what if he is? Would it be irresponsible to let a 53 year old man attempt to fight some of the young guys atop the heavyweight ranks? Yes, it might be, that is why we need to thank the most underrated champion of all-time, Evander Holyfield. Holyfield has issues a statement saying that he is ready to step into the ring with Tyson for a third fight and he claims that he is badder and in better shape than Tyson.

This is what we need, what we deserve, I will pay ANY amount of money they charge for this fight. Take half of the purse and give it to the fighters and take the other half and send it to a charity that is helping with COVID-19 relief.

I love the sport of boxing and we have discussed on the blog about how much Fury and WIlder meant to the sport to get it back on track, it made boxing relevant to everyone again. Let us not forget a time when boxing was on the brains of everyone, the 90’s, when Tyson and Holyfield battled like warriors in the ring. The first fight that I ever watched was Tyson vs Holyfield II. My grandparents were babysitting me and my grandfather put me to bed at normal time and told me he would wake me up and I could come downstairs to watch the fight with him when it came on the air. He came up and got me and kept his promise, I sat with him, at the age of five years old watching a Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield fight, i still have a vivd memory of it. That historic fight mixed with my obsession with Rocky Balboa turned me into a fan of boxing. So, for nostalgia sake, get Tyson and Holyfield back in the ring and let’s do this for a third time.