R.I.P To Jerry Stiller; AKA Frank Costanza & Arthur Spooner

What a sad day in the entertainment and comedy world. An absolute legend of the game, Jerry Stiller has passed away. Jerry is the father of Ben Stiller and is best known for playing the iconic Frank Costanza on Seinfeld and Arthur Spooner on the successful sitcom, the King of Queens.

Growing up in the late 90’s and early 00’s you would see the lovable face of Jerry Stiller on television more often than not. In regard to secondary characters in the history of television there is nobody better than Frank Costanza, he was must see television and provided laugh out loud comedy on a regular basis.

From yelling at George Steinbrenner for trading Jay Buehner to the Mariners, or yelling at his son for selling his cabana clothes, yelling at Kramer for “stopping short” with Estelle, yelling that Festivus is upon us, Jerry brought the electricity and fire to a character that is as legendary as any of the characters on the most iconic television comedy of all-time.

After Seinfeld, he immediately followed up with scoring the role of Arthur Spooner on the King of Queens, starring Kevin James and Leah Remini. This show is one of my favorites of all time, it is a severely underrated sitcom, it was on the air for nine seasons. You could make the argument that the most memorable character from that show is Arthur, who is as volatile as Frank but has a kind heart and stumbles through incidents to somehow prove his love for his daughter Carrie and Son-In-Law, Doug. This character portrayed the sweetness and kindness that Jerry Stiller has said to have shown to everyone he has come in contact with throughout his career in show business.

Television has changed, the sitcom is a dying breed and as Jerry Stiller passes away, we lose two of the funniest and memorable sitcom characters of all time. We say goodbye to a legend, do yourself a favor and fire up some Seinfeld and King of Queens and pay tribute to the one and only, legendary, Jerry Stiller.