Is Baseball Coming Back?

Need it, want it, gotta have it. There is talk coming in that Major League Baseball could be back sometime in June. All the big baseball news breakers like Ken Rosenthal and Jeff Passan are reporting that teams are telling their players to get in shape and a proposal will be submitted to the union to get the players back to work. While this is good news, there are still a ton of hurdles to overcome, most notably, the logistics of where and when games will be played, how many games will be played and how to safely execute this plan so that we get a World Series and a Dodgers Championship in October.

Yes, ESPN is televising the Korean Baseball League but nobody cares, I see other outlets trying to hype me up on this brand of baseball and I couldn’t care less. Just as the XFL died down after a couple of weeks, as too will all of us trying to convince ourselves that this brand of baseball is something entertaining, it just doesn’t scratch the itch that we need. We saw that with the HORSE competition that the NBA tried to get behind, a big ol’ fart noise on that grotesque production. The only two saving graces during this shit storm have been the NFL Draft and The Last Dance documentary.

As much as we love hoops and hockey, baseball is what gets the blood flowing in the late spring/early summer months, it’s as American as apple pie, barbecues and Bruce Springsteen singing Thunder Road. We need this baseball season to happen and this plan that is slowly forming seems like it could be a real possibility, the first we have seen in some time, an actual light at the end of this sports-less tunnel.

Mulraney and I have discussed these developments on our podcast The Corner Booth, so go give it a listen but MLB is convinced that with this time frame, they will be able to play at least 100 games. There will be three divisions, consisting of ten teams in each division, teams will only play division games and the divisions will be setup geographically so that they will cut down on travel and potential exposure to coronavirus.

Fingers crossed, by this time next week, a proposal might be submitted that would give us a time table on the return of the great American Pastime. We need baseball back, perhaps that will be a small victory for our country and return us to a much needed sense of normalcy.