Kentucky Derby Day: It Was Severely Missed

** Note From Scors: I started writing this blog a couple days ago**

I love sports, it is a major part of my life but honestly, not having sports during quarantine has not totally bummed me out … until today. I am a huge horse racing fan, yes, I love to gamble on the ponies but I actually love the sport of horse racing, it is beautiful, it is the sport of kings. My fellow blogger SB is a major horse guy, we have spent many a day together at the races and most notably we were together in attendance with the ProcrastiNation Princess at Belmont when Justify won the triple crown. It was the coolest sports moment I have ever witnessed, it was history, it was so loud and joyous, it is a trip that I will never forget.

The Kentucky Derby was supposed to take place today but COVID-19 has postponed the biggest race of the year to September. Today was a tough day, for me, the Masters and the Kentucky Derby have always been the official kick-off to the summer season, you want to be outside, you want to be with friends and the Derby is an event that everybody can get behind. It is a lot like the Super Bowl, you don’t need to be a die-hard fan or watch hours everyday to appreciate the spectacle in front of your eyes.

Look, every year I would tune in with my buddies, bet on the horses, have some great food and not think much of it. If this bullshit pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we should not take anything for granted, especially the times we have with the people we care about most. Life is made up of little moments that turn into memories and we are able to reflect fondly upon those. Losing the derby brought back a lot of memories of fun times shared with the people I care about most.

Not having sports has been a complete pain in the backside, I think once we start getting sports back a much needed sense of normalcy will return and we can get back to life. When we do, remember to take a step back, relax and enjoy the little moments that turn into memories.

Shoutout to my all-time favorite thoroughbred and triple crown winner, Justify!