Weight Loss Challenge: Week 1

As many of you know, I began my own personal weight loss challenge last Sunday. I weighed in at a whopping 196.4 pounds, the heaviest I have been since 2012. It was time for a change so we started the diet and workout regiment this week and this morning we jumped back on the scale for our week one check-in.

The scales do not lie, the first week was very productive and we are down to 192 pounds on the dot. For all you non math majors out there, that is a weight loss of 4.4 pounds. The biggest problem that I foresee is that I start to crave the foods that I love so much. I decided to give myself one “cheat meal” a week. I did that today, I ordered a massive amount of sushi, edamame and hot and sour soup. This isn’t the worst cheat meal in the history of the World but I didn’t want to derail all my progress bu jumping feet first into a Whopper and milkshake, I felt like this was a good mixture of indulgence and not going overboard.

The goal is to get back into the 170’s by the middle of June, this is a lofty goal but I am determined to get there, I will really need to buckle down this week and ramp up the exercise. That is an issue for me, i started the week exercising and it declined as the week went along. The little bit of exercising that I have been doing has felt good but the clean eating has given me more energy and a more positive attitude and I actually feel better already. We have thirteen pounds to drop in six weeks, it is possible, tough, but possible.

If you have any ideas or tips for me to get through this period, let me know, I am determined to accomplish my goal. Make sure you follow the progress on Instagram and Facebook!