Quarantine Countdown: The Greatest Television Shows Of All Time

What is the one positive to come out of being in quarantine? The endless amounts of hours that I have wasted watching television. There have been a couple of shows that I have never watched and I finally took the time to stream the entire show. This got me thinking, what are the five best television shows of all time? This list is certainly going to be critiqued and argued but I felt it was my responsibility to bring to you the FIVE best television shows (in my opinion) of all time.

5. Curb Your Enthusiasm – This show highlighted the genius that is Larry David. People knew him as a stand-up comedian, writer and most notably the co-creator of “Seinfeld”. Curb pushed Larry David out of the shadow of the sitcom and Jerry Seinfeld and let him express himself on the perfect platform for him, HBO. This show has gotten better with time and not too many shows can make that same claim, I put Curb up against any other comedy in the history of television.

4. The Simpsons – It is iconic and it changed television forever, it deserves a spot on this list. The Simpsons has been entertaining viewers for THIRTY ONE years, yes, you read that right. Although this show has decreased in popularity and has become less funny over the years, it has literally thousands of laugh out loud funny moments. It paved the way for Family Guy, Futurama and South Park, it made cartoons acceptable for adults to watch. Homer Simpson is one of the most known and iconic characters of all time and the creativity and uniqueness of the first fifteen seasons of this show are unmatched.

3. Cheers – A place where everybody knows your name, this show was on the air for eleven seasons and in my opinion, never jumped the shark or lost it’s creativity. Even after the character of Diane left the show, the writers transitioned and made the iconic, former alcoholic, bar owner, Sam Malone, even more likable and interesting. I think the supporting cast in this show is the greatest of all time and it’s not even close. Cliff, Norm, Carla, Frasier, Coach, Woody, all those names are recognizable and noteworthy without a last name. Cheers was the last “old school” sitcom that stayed relevant and is still super re-watchable today. The everyday, 9 to 5 people can relate to this show and relax. It’s relatable and timeless. I used to have a bar in my hometown that I frequented, became a regular and everybody knew my name, this show captures what that feels like, just awesome.

2. Seinfeld – It’s the greatest sitcom of all time, “the show about nothing” was NBC’s smash hit for a decade, it was the number one show on television when star and co-creator Jerry Seinfeld decided he had enough of doing the show. It has cemented itself in the world of comedy and pop culture. I do believe that “Curb” is funnier but we had to take into account everything that makes all these shows memorable. Kramer, Elaine, George Newman, what a lineup to support Seinfeld. Larry David and Seinfeld created a fresh show every week and this show is just as watchable today.

  1. The Sopranos – It’s the only drama to crack our top five list but it is hands down the greatest television show of all time. The world of Tony Soprano is captivating, we watch him navigate his family at home and his family at work. It is the greatest written show in the history of television, it revolutionized the television world and made HBO a must have for homes across the country. The final scene, albeit controversial, is iconic. Check out the video below for a phenomenal theory on the ending of the greatest show ever made.

There you have it, you might agree, you might think I am crazy but either way let me know in the comments. Happy streaming and hear, hear to the ProcrastiNation!