Pentagon Declassifies UFO Videos

Well, it is official, three videos that have been speculated by the general public to be UFO have been confirmed by the Pentagon. In the midst of a global pandemic we get confirmation of UFO’s from the United States Government. The Pentagon casually dropping a bomb like this in the middle of the Bachelor spin-off “Listen To Your Heart”. Good tactic by them, didn’t think I would be paying attention, well think again, the UFO’s are confirmed and I am jacked up!

Look, I have two positions that I can take on this issue, so hear me out and you can choose what path we should take when the aliens do eventually invade. The first is that I, Scors, blogger of the people will become your fearless leader. I will dress like Indiana Jones and lead us into battle against the alien forces. I realize that you will have to put a lot of trust in me but I want to inform you that I have seen Independence Day, Mars Attacks and War Of The Worlds dozens of times. I don’t want to be behind a desk, I want to be on the front lines, dressed as Dr. Jones, trying to communicate with the alien life forms or worst case scenario, I lead us into battle. If you read this and didn’t get completely freaked out then I think you have trust in me and I appreciate that, I will represent and protect you at the highest level.

Now the flip side of that coin, if you reject me as your leader during the alien invasion then I will join up with the aliens. Look, I have said it many times before, I will sell-out pretty easily. If you put more money or a chance to live in alien society as a hero, well then, take me to your leader. At least I am honest about my ability to sell-out, nothing worse than a fake who says that he will be there for you and then if the aliens lay a better offer at the door, they take off, not me, I am being up front with you about my position.

Obviously, UFO’s have always been a thing, it is simply an unidentified flying object but for the pentagon to come out and confirm these videos, it seems like a cover our asses type of mood before we go live on the news with a message from Colonel Alf and General E.T.

You would really hate to not address the alien outbreak and then be caught with your pants around your ankles when the aliens do invade. I am talking to you humanity, it is time for you to decide, will I be your leader or should I start entertaining offers from the aliens, tick tock, the clock is ticking, let me know.