I Am Tough Enough To Admit It

I have been in quarantine for forty-one days and I have explored the depths of streaming and music during this time. If you haven’t done so, go check out our new podcast “Production Delay” we have been discussing movies that we love, re-watching them and rating them. I was torn with writing this blog because I didn’t want all my readers to think I was a giant softy. This wasn’t easy to say out loud, but I am tough enough to admit it, I love musicals and broadway productions. Quarantine has proved me with a new found love of this genre and form of entertainment. If you have to sit there and lie to yourself and say that musicals aren’t awesome, then I think you have a big ol’ dump in your pants. Buckle up and let’s explore my love of the theatre.

This isn’t a new thing for me, since I was a kid, I loved certain musicals. I used to have Jesus Christ Superstar on vinyl and I wore that thing out, I would listen to it non-stop, pretending I was on broadway starring as Judas in this epic rock opera. That opened my eyes to the world of musicals and although I never told any of my friends, jamming out to a little JCS was my go to for a long period of time.

Ted Neeley at the time was 73 years old here, absolutely rocking out. Has been playing Jesus in various productions of JCS since the early 70’s.

I was born and raised in Upstate New York so I had the unique opportunity to take the train to New York City frequently and growing up, I saw many broadway shows. I can specifically remember my first experience, it was memorable, being in a beautiful theatre, sitting there in the biggest city in the world and having such an intimate moment. It was the broadway production of Beauty and the Beast, the classic, academy award nominated Disney film was turned into a broadway production and was on stage for over a decade. I remember seeing this show at a young age and understanding the story and some of the music was a game changer, it engulfed you into the performance and I remember being blown away by the skill of the performers, the beauty of the scenery and the feeling of being in a theatre, it was completely new and appealing to me. As you all know by now, I am a complete Disney nerd, my wife and our friends went to Disney last February and god-willing this pandemic is over because we will be heading back to the happiest place on earth in February of 2021. Being able to see my favorite Disney movie on stage was an awesome experience, I think I saw this production on broadway three or four times.

Now, the greatest production I have ever seen in my life is the Andrew Lloyd Webber classic, The Phantom Of The Opera. I mean, this show will ball your chestnuts off, it is amazing music, lyrics, story-telling and it hits you right in the feels. I have seen this show on broadway a couple of times but I sat up in the nose bleed section, it is a dream of mine to go see this show on broadway and sit up close and personal. I saw it in an off broadway production and had decent seats but I want that full broadway experience sitting right on the stage. There’s about five to seven songs in this show that are jaw droppers.

So, go ahead and laugh at me, but this is who I am, a well rounded blogger who can appreciate the love of the theatre. Frankly, Andrew Lloyd Webber is one of the most talented people in the history of the world. His ability to write various types of musicals that appeal to all different types of audiences is remarkable. Do yourself a favor, take a break from watching The Office for the 37th time and head to youtube, sit in the dark, light some candles, get some snacks, sit back and relax and turn on one of these soundtracks. You can thank me later. Hear, hear to the ProcrastiNation!