Should I travel to Train Scors (When This is All Safe)?

Quarantine has been rough on a lot of people’s waistlines, and our very own Blogfather, Scors, is packing on the pounds. I can not in good conscience let him toil punching the heavy bag alone. I must offer my services as a trainer.

Tomorrow, Scors will step on the scale and we will determine just how he’s going to lose his quarantine weight and just when the contest will run too. Yesterday, Scors and all of us, watched him run the 40 yard dash after being challenged by JB on the Draft Night Show. I won’t spoil the videos here but they are must watch and if you don’t want to miss this kind of content be sure to follow us on the gram. The videos are also proof Scors needs to get back in top shape for the Summer.

Now, am I a trainer? No. Do I have any professional health training at all? No.

What I can offer is the experience of having been skinny fat for years before breaking down and deciding to get into some semblance of shape in order to not look like a fat slob at the bars and being so winded playing basketball I had to lie down on the court in order to stabilize my breathing.

I was able to lose about 25 pounds through consistent exercise, but also a stable cardio routine I have continued since I lost the pounds I was worried about years ago.

Those who stuck around until the very end of Draft Watch Party heard me discuss my current running exploits, and I even wrote about them a little bit and my battles with anxiety when I reviewed Chris McDougall’s Born to Run, earlier this year. I have run over 300 miles in a little over a year. I threw up after running 1.6 miles my first time out, and felt disgusted with myself. I know how to start from rock bottom.

What I can’t help with, but can certainly cosplay, is pretending to be Scors boxing trainer. As part of his stimulus money, Scors bought a heavy bag and loves Rocky. As a fellow boxing and Rocky fan, I think I have watched Mick take an unproven boxer from the docks of Philadelphia and make him the heavyweight champion of the world enough times to know what I’m doing.

What we’re going to need is some solid 80’s montage music, some tape to make sure he doesn’t damn near break his pinky finger again, and the indomitable human spirit. We’re also going to need the support/peer pressure of the ProcrastiNation to help us through this. So be sure to Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to our new YouTube Channel.

Together we can save the leader of the ProcrastiNation (from himself).