ProcrastiNation NFL Draft Party

As Editor-In-Chief/Tech Guy, I want to apologize for not knowing that you need to give Zoom $15 (USD) in order to hook it to Facebook Live. HOWEVAH, we held the show last night exactly at 7:50 to cover the draft and create this sweet, sweet draft content.

We break down the chalk picks early, Cliff Kingsbury living in Ryan Gosling’s house from Crazy. Stupid. Love., and Jerry Jones drafting from what appeared to be the inside of a Bond villain lair.

We also devolve in the monotony of the middle of the round to Scors challenging JB (shout-out JB for joining us for nearly the whole episode and correctly predicting just about every single pick) to an athletic decathlon.

Now that we know we can create this kind fo content in the future we might even spring to do it live, especially now that I received my stimulus money after weeks of checking the IRS website five times a day.

Please go through the link and subscribe to our YouTube Channel where we will assuredly post more fun videos in the future, and I promise those may not be two hours long, but they could be.